• Aaron Ault
  • James V. Krogmeier


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To create and maintain the largest set of open source tools, apps, hardware, and data analytics to improve agricultural production in the world.

  • Android/iPhone
  • Embedded Systems
  • ISO11783 (ISOBUS)
  • Signal Processing/Data Mining
  • Cloud/Server
  • GPS

This team supports three new open source projects: Be sure to check out our current apps on the Google Play store.

Students on this team will work on one of three tracks. The primary group will be designing and developing Android apps help improve precision farm management and watershed management, and are used by real people. Apps this semester will include the first open-source Android crop yield mapping monitor that interfaces with modern harvesting equipment via ISOBlue, and a “field notebook” app for recording notes about a geographic area both for water quality management purposes and farm management.

Another sub-group will continue development on the popular ISOBlue device which forwards information over Bluetooth from the ISO11783 communications bus on all modern tractors. The group will work on developing the open source software libraries and creating a low-cost RTK GPS board with 3G/4G cloud connectivity and associated software which will provide location accuracy down to a few centimeters at a fraction of the cost of current systems.

A third small sub-group will work on investigating various data mining techniques for analyzing "big data" in world agriculture.

Students on this team will have many opportunities for internships, graduate school, and entrepreneurial ventures as this area is rapidly growing.