Worldwide Observation of Human Behaviors


  • Yung-Hsiang Lu


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Millions of network cameras have been deployed worldwide and they can continuously stream live video to anyone connected to the Internet (without any password). These cameras may be deployed in shopping malls, city centers, university campuses, street intersections, etc. Through these cameras, it is possible to understand and study Social interactions, Behaviors, and Economic activities (SBE) in different parts of the world and to compare the influence of cultures, environments, geographical locations, time, and so on. However, the vast amounts of data must be properly managed so that valuable information can be extracted. The purpose of this project is to create computer tools that can facilitate discovery of patterns of human behaviors from worldwide network cameras.


This project has four major parts: (1) discovering the network cameras that can provide data relevant to SBE research, (2) retrieving, saving, and organizing data from these cameras, (3) providing user interfaces for SBE researchers to visualize the data and observe behaviors, and (4) developing computer vision solutions to automatically understand human behaviors.


The members are expected to have proficient programming and computer administration skills (equivalent to the level of ECE 264).


The team members will be assigned different tasks and each person is responsible for accomplishing the given tasks within the given time duration.

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