Technologies for Neuroimaging


  • Thomas Talavage
  • Eric Nauman


Recent Posters:

  • Design a head-based sports telemetry system for monitoring head collisions.
  • Develop software and transfer protocols for for collection of telemetry information during games and practices.
  • Manufacture prototype telemetry system as proof-of-concept.
TECHNOLOGIES: Wireless communications systems; databases; accelerometers (3D and linear); flexible circuit boards; rechargable power supplies.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS/DELIVERABLES: Current systems developed for sports telemetry are either positioned in the helmet or in mouth guards. While these systems permit estimation of forces and motions of the skull, none of the extant systems collect sufficient information to permit accurate reconstruction of both the linear and rotational accelerations experienced by the head, with the latter being most critical to prediction of potential strain-induced trauma of the brain. This team will implement a prototype head-based telemetry system that should provide sufficient information for accurate collision reconstruction, enhancing the potential for monitoring of and intervention for mild traumatic brain injury.

RESEARCH ISSUES: Component selection; System configuration and layout; Power delivery; Data recording; Data transmission and storage; Data retrieval and processing.

DESIRED DISCIPLINES AND PREPARATION: Both EE and CmpE required, with individuals particularly desired who have experience with any of board layout, microcontrollers, wireless transmission, TCP/IP, databases, and GUI development and implementation. All students should have some knowledge of circuit building, signals and systems, vector calculus and some programming capability (C, Linux).