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  • Thomas Talavage
  • Eric Nauman


Fall 2016 Team Photo:

Team Technologies for Neuroimaging members: Row 1 (l. to r.) Logan Miller, Aditya Vikram, Yuqin Duan, Guanghua Zha, Hyunbae Chang, Aaron Anderson, Megan Hedges; Not pictured: Aaron Rosenfeld, Thomas M. Talavage (faculty advisor),Eric Nauman (faculty advisor).

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  • Design and develop an MRI-safe, metal-less video game controller to effectively provide brain stimulation for complex sensorimotor investigation.
  • Program the controller to interface with modern video games for more brain stimulation to conduct further fMRI testing
Wireless communications systems; databases; accelerometers (3D and linear); flexible circuit boards; rechargable power supplies.

Approximately 10 years ago, a prototype was designed for general use. A prototype used a pushbutton user-input system which consisted of custom optic sensors and microcontroller.

Due to the limitations which existed with the previous model, we are constructing an new prototype using improved components and 3d printing techniques. We are designing and testing a PCB for the require components. Current topics of investigation are the constraints on fiber optic information transmission and reception.

Component selection; System configuration and layout; Power delivery; Data recording; Data transmission and storage; Data retrieval and processing.
Both EE and CmpE required, with individuals particularly desired who have experience with any of board layout, microcontrollers, wireless transmission, TCP/IP, databases, and GUI development and implementation. All students should have some knowledge of circuit building, signals and systems, vector calculus and some programming capability (C, Linux).
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Mondays 11:30 - 12:20 pm in MSEE 399