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uSMART researchers present at summer conferences

uSMART researchers present at summer conferences

Four uSMART lab members presented their research at three events during June.

uSMART graduate students presented their research at the 2017 AEESP conference (Ann Arbor, MI, June 20-22), the Big Data in Transportation and Mobility Symposium (Ann Arbor, MI, June 22-23), and the 2017 ISIE-ISSST Joint Conference (Chicago, June 25-29).

Photo of Mustafa Lokhandwala & 4th place certificate

Mustafa Lokhandwala's poster, titled "Taxi Sharing: Sustainable Transportation Systems in New York City", won the fourth-place Student Poster Award at ISIE-ISSST.


Photo of Zhaoyu Kou

Zhaoyu Kou gave a talk titled "Understanding the Sustainability of Bike Sharing Systems: A Tale of Eight Cities" at ISIE-ISSST, and presented a poster at the Big Data and AEESP conferences. 


Photo of Li Song

Li Song presented a poster titled "How Much Attention Do Consumers Pay to Ecolabels? – A Case Study of Real-World Grocery Shopping using Eye-Tracking Glasses" at the ISIE-ISSST and AEESP conferences. Her poster received the 2017 Best Poster Award from the Chinese Society for Industrial Ecology.

Photo of Ruoxi Wen

Ruoxi Wen presented her research on "Shared Autonomous Vehicle Systems: How Many Autonomous Vehicles Are Needed and What Are the Sustainability Implications?" at the ISIE-ISSST and AEESP conferences.