Final Four Shootout

Our team was assigned to design and build an action toy with at least two complex motions and with a volume less than one cubic foot. To fulfill these requirements our team designed a miniature basketball shootout challenge toy. The complex motions included in our design are a catapult used to launch the ball into the hoop, a gear system used to rotate the catapult, and a mechanism which caused the hoop to rotate on a circular path. The electrical systems that are integrated into the toy include a DC motor to drive the hoop mechanism, a motor controller, an Arduino Uno microcontroller, an infrared beam break sensor set to determine when the user makes a basket, and an LCD display which displays instructions on how to start the game and tracks the number of baskets that the player scores. The game is started when the user makes their first basket, the goal of the game is to make as many baskets as possible in one minute while the basketball hoop is moving in a circular path.