Fountain Fling

The Fountain Fling is a fun and interactive way to promote the recycling of plastic bottle caps. The toy is a challenging game that makes the act of recycling exciting and enjoyable. The goal of the game is to fling a used plastic water bottle cap into the center of the rotating engineering fountain using a spinning friction wheel. The player may also make use of a turning knob located at the front of the toy’s base that will allow them to adjust the position of a pressure wall, in order to accommodate different sized bottle caps. The player must time their shot to avoid a fountain bench feature which will be raised and lowered repeatedly, and will block the path to the fountain in its raised state. The toy collects the plastic water bottle caps in a storage drawer that can simply be removed from the base of the toy for easy disposal of the bottle caps. This toy was designed with the intention of it being placed next to recycling bins in various locations around Purdue’s campus, so that students and faculty would be encouraged to recycle while enjoying a fun game.