Marble Maze

The A-maze-ing Shifting Marble Maze is a fun twist on the classic marble maze game. Instead of only a single player transversing through a static maze, this toy incorporates two players into the game, adding an additional layer of complexity and fun to the game. One player uses the wooden knobs to control two axis of rotation, which in turn move the ball in order to transverse through the maze as normal. However, a second player uses an app called Blynk to remotely control the layout of the maze itself. The second player has the opportunity to either help or hinder the first player by either opening easier paths for the player to transverse through or by closing off current paths and causing the first player to backtrack. The sliding and rotating doors are paired using a slider-crank mechanism, and the tilting is created using a simple but effective design were the maze layer is tilted by a pair of rods with strings and springs attached (one for each axis of rotation).