Formula Fun Reaction Blaster

We wanted to create a new and fun way for children to play with the toys they already have. The Formula Fun Reaction Blaster allows them to do just that. Measuring each player’s reaction time allows for an interactive way to both launch their personal toy car while also competing to react faster than their competitor. Children are able to to take any of their favorite cars and launch them across the room or onto a designated track.

We have been able to launch the cars by creating a charging mechanism for the user. By pressing the first button (i.e. Charge Button), the user is able to wind up the mechanism, pulling the car back to launch, compressing a spring. By pressing the second button (i.e. Launch Button), the user is then able to launch their car forward. An electronic interface using Arduino processing allows for each player’s reaction time to be calculated. A eopixel light tree lights up red (i.e. do not go) and then lights up green (i.e. “Go!”) to illustrate when the timer starts to record reaction time. An LCD display shows which player won the game, displays each player’s reaction time, and then allows for a new game to be initiated.