The Ultimate Fidget Cube: Purdue Edition

The Ultimate Fidget Cube: Purdue Edition was created by combining Purdue school spirit and the 150-year celebration with a popular kid’s toy – a fidget cube. There are various fidget devices on the market including small, handheld cubes and fidget spinners. Fidget devices were originally created to help children with anxiety, ADHD, and autism focus in class by giving them something they can mindlessly play with in class while trying to pay attention. Since then, these fidget devices have become increasingly popular with kids of all ages. A popular concept with fidget cubes is that each side of the fidget cube has a different small activity to play with. The team decided to continue this concept by designing five unique Purdue themed sides and a base that can allow the fidget cube to be easily maneuverable. The Purdue-themed hammer spinner side has a fidget spinner that can be spun. The 150 years side is a lever-device in which the buttons can be pressed down to push the opposing button out. The Purdue XTRA Special side has a scotch yoke device that can be rotated to move Purdue Pete and an “IU SUCKS” banner up and down. The Purdue ‘P’ side has a maze that lights up when completed. The bottom of the fidget cube has a drivetrain that can be lifted down in order to drive the entire fidget cube around.