Can You Dig It?

The idea behind the project was to create a toy that would be a fun activity for children ages 6+ which stimulates their minds and draws their attention to STEM applications in the real world. The excavator idea seemed the most promising to do so, since it involved the idea of using a fluid to cause motion among solid parts, a sight that would fascinate most children around the age that this toy is intended for. The idea of putting together a robot by hand is also something that a child would enjoy and a broader goal of this toy is to help drive more kids into STEM related majors by developing their interest in these subjects at an early age.

The main function of the robot is to dig and scoop things in the bucket at the end of the hydraulic arm. The base plate rotates to allow the robot to pick up things all around its body, while its translational motion is restricted to moving forwards and backwards due to the arm’s 360 degree rotation capability.