Factory Floor Wars (Inspires Future Engineers Award)

Inspires Future Engineers Award

Team 15: Factory Floor Wars
Jesumayomikun Olasubulumi, John Roberts, Sanford Chang, Taylor Tillet,
Two players compete with each other to connect their start and end gears first, while trying to jam and dodge their opponent. Two fixed gears are attached on either side of the board, and the goal is for you to connect your two fixed gears (diagonally across) while jamming up your opponent. The playboard has a grid of holes in it, and cogs are placed in these. There are cogs of different shapes and size to keep things interesting. There will also be a 3d element to the game, in which the cogs can be stacked and belts can be driven over your opponent. This will come in handy if your cogs get jammed so you can go ‘above’ your adversary. There will be an exciting surprise once the final gears have been connected. Marketed towards children from 6-12.