ME444 Toy Fair Awards Announced


The awards for this year are as follows:

Innovation Award: Rockin’ Robots

Tink, Spike, Flash, and Pinky are Robots from the worst of all junk yards. They have been replaced by bigger and better robots in the recent years. But now they are making a comeback. They are the Rockin’ Robots.  You control the Robots’ mouths with your fingers to make them sing to any song. It’s up to you to have the Robots Rock like they have never ROCKED before!


Engineering Award: Marstangs

In the 29st century, human colonization of Mars is at a full swing with numerous factions competing for territory, yet much of the planet is unclaimed.  Vast and new frontiers on the planet are being explored and settled much like the old Wild West of the Americas in the second half of the 19th century. The new race of natives recently discovered opposes the settling of humans much like the Native Americans of the past, they however ride a different type of vehicle to navigate the terrain on the rocky and sandy planet, the Marstangs. As horses were the main transportation means of the explorers, settlers, and bandits a like, the Marstangs now provide an effective and versatile method of traveling the dangerous and seemingly unforgiving landscape of Mars.

Marketability Award: Pablo the Flying Penguin

With a pull of the rip-cord, you’ll send Pablo the Flying Penguin soaring into the air! Who says penguins can’t fly?! As Pablo is sent spinning into the air off of his iceberg, you’ll see his excitement as his bowtie spins circles with excitement just like his flippers! Ages 5 to 85.

Honorable Mention: COPTERBALL 2000

In the year 2036, the space station COPTERBALL 2000 is on a collision course with an unknown planet. In order to save themselves, the crewmembers must flee to the last remaining escape pod. Will they make it in time? The Copterball 2000 is a toy that launches a spinning escape pod into the air on impact.  The escape pod is released through a release mechanism utilizing four bar linkages.  The escape pod is powered by a spring which needs to be rewound after each launch.


Honorable Mention: S01 Buddy

BUDDY’s sole mission is to destroy the enemy vessel. He accomplishes his goal by the use of strong kicks and speedy arm movements which allow him to swim quickly through enemy waters. BUDDY is powered by a SolarBotic Baby GM2 motor and a 6v battery that provides the torque necessary to propel him to his objective. BUDDY stands for Basic Underwater Demolition Diver toY, and he will provide hours of fun for anyone who has the courage to dive into BUDDY’s world.