Apocalyptic Crossbow

Team 8: Remote Controlled Apocalyptic Crossbow
Members: Alexander Schmidberger, Jaesik Hahn, Matthew Miller, Neil Nevgi
The Remote Controlled Apocalyptic Crossbow comprises of a miniature crossbow mounted on a remote controlled platform. The wheels on the platform control its movement in the forward and backward direction and can rotate its orientation. The user controls the platform remotely by a PlayStation 3 controller. The user can also increase or decrease the angle of elevation of the crossbow. A projectile is propelled from the crossbow upon firing the release mechanism. In order to reload, the user would need to manually push the projectile back into the crossbow until the bow string clicks back into the firing mechanism pin. The intended play value dictates that the toy be used in a post-apocalyptic style turn based game. Two or more players would be required to build constructions using ‘Jenga’ shaped wooden blocks in such a manner as to protect a ‘King’ block. The game would be the players to take turns in firing projectiles at the opponent’s construction. The game ends when all but one ‘King’ block is toppled and the player whose ‘King’ block stands is declared the winner. The game would not only require the players to aim well but also strategize by taking particular notice of the physics of construction.