Team 2: Marstangs
Members: Jung Kim, Miguel Castejon-Lopez, Rene Zarikian, Alex Weaver

In the 29st century, human colonization of Mars is at a full swing with numerous factions competing for territory, yet much of the planet is unclaimed.  Vast and new frontiers on the planet are being explored and settled much like the old Wild West of the Americas in the second half of the 19th century. The new race of natives recently discovered opposes the settling of humans much like the Native Americans of the past, they however ride a different type of vehicle to navigate the terrain on the rocky and sandy planet, the Marstangs. As horses were the main transportation means of the explorers, settlers, and bandits a like, the Marstangs now provide an effective and versatile method of traveling the dangerous and seemingly unforgiving landscape of Mars.