Krusty Krab Katastrophy (Best Design Engineering Award)

Best Design Engineering Award Team 3: Krusty Krab Katastrophy Carmen Valverde-Paniagua, James Brand, Andrew Reynolds, Shaotang Wang, The Krabby Patty secret formula has been stolen by plankton! Help Spongebob recover it by retrieving as many patties as he can before Plankton steals them all! Be … Continue readingKrusty Krab Katastrophy (Best Design Engineering Award)

Pikachu and You (Best Innovation Award)

Best Innovation Award Team 17: Pikachu and You Charles Destro, Daniel Luby, Gabriela Campos, Michael Sarzynski, A tablet interactive Pokemon that responds with real world actions from a virtual game. An app controls the toy’s attack moves while battling with an AI opponent or friends. … Continue readingPikachu and You (Best Innovation Award)


Team 19: Wood-Rat Adam Mesa, Joohee Kang, Oliver Hirsch, Seung-Hyeon Yoo, The Wood-Rat is a wind-up toy that rushes forward when you pull its tail. Wood-Rat is particularly designed for the age range of 3-5 year-old.

Tron Bike

Team 14: Tron Bike Guoxiang Zhao, Chi Zhang, Kyle Dickerson, Shayaan Rauf, The “Tron bike” is a motorized bike bike that will provide user with an exciting playing experience that brings him/her into the “Tron” story. with a motor and a belt-sprocket system. The bike … Continue readingTron Bike


Team 9: Insanis Cody Geisler, Joel Williamson, Rishi Tandulwadkar, Stephen Shaefer, Insanis is a puzzle that goes beyond ordinary interaction. It seeks curious users to attempt to unlock its secrets. The mechanism backbone creates an intriguing user experience that requires understanding how things interact within … Continue readingInsanis


Team 5: Bugwars Abhay Paropkari, Daniel Marshall, Elliot Conrad, Bugwars is a toy that is geared towards boys from ages 8-12. The “bug” is a toy weapon that can be attached to a child’s wrist and contains a cannon that shoots a rubber tipped projectile … Continue readingBugwars

Crazy Fountain

Team 4: Crazy Fountain Clifton Anderson, Galen Dunbar, William Graves, Zachary Nelson, Crazy fountain is a fun game that combines the concept of skee-ball with Purdue’s own Engineering Fountain. This two person interactive game will challenge its contestants as they compete for the high score.

Aporkalypse Shakin’ Bacon (Best Market Potential Award)

Best Market Potential Award Team 2: Aporkalypse Shakin’ Bacon Abhinav Bhasin, Kristen Bladwin, Lauren Kretsch, Matthew Sinclair, Aporkalypse: Shakin’ Bacon is a structural board game with elements that are reminiscent of twister and jenga. Players spin a wheel and use the corresponding pieces to build … Continue readingAporkalypse Shakin’ Bacon (Best Market Potential Award)