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Security Tools

Setup Authorization for Site Maintainers
Create an authorize script and two persistent lists. These can be used to grant others access to maintain a section of the site. Once the authorize script is created add qualified names to the persistent lists to grant users access.
Create a Restricted Folder
Create a Restricted folder which is only accessible to list of users. A Persistent List object with the name authorizeAllowedUsers will be created. Add qualified names to this list to allow access to the contents of the folder.
View the roles assigned to a User
View the roles assigned to a User has in the context of the current folder (/). See where and how roles are assigned to a user.
Check the permissions granted to a role
View the permissions granted to a role. See where the permission is granted.
Check the ownership of all objects in folder
View the userid of the owner of all objects in a folder.
Convert among Qualified Names, Emails, and Logins
Convert lists of various Purdue user identifiers.

Relational Database Tools

WebSQL Interface
Tool for querying connected Oracle and MySQL databases from the web

Misc Tools

Engineering Zope Test Environment
This tool lets you enter the Engineering Zope Test Environment. This should ONLY be used at the request of ECN to test web pages migrated from the old Zope server to the new one.
View Zope Request Parameters
This tool lets you view data in the Zope REQUEST object.
Resize a batch of Images to a maximum size
This tool resizes selected images in the current folder to fit within a maximum size. Useful for generating thumbnails or resizing large photographs to a size appropriate for the web.
Convert Zope Objects from one type to another
This tool lets you convert documents from one type of Zope object to another. Currently it supports Files, HTML Documents, DTML Documents, Page Templates, and Images.
Cleanup depricated HTML tags (u,i,b,font)
This tool removes or replace deprecated tags from Purdue Event Documents, HTML Documents, DTML Documents, and DTML Methods.
Search the Purdue Electronic Directory
Search the Purdue Directory for a qualified name.
Remove Mac OS Resource Fork Files
The Mac OS WebDAV client Goliath creates Mac Resource Fork Files which you may wish to remove. Clicking the above link will remove all of the Mac Resource Fork files in the / Folder.


ECN KnowledgeBase Zope Documents
Documentation on ECN Zope Environment. This includes ECN developed tools, ECN short courses on Zope, creating a personal site, etc.
HTML version of the Zope Book
Documentation, provided by Zope, covering DTML, Page Templates, Relational Databases, Security, etc.