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2013 PUP Summary Video

2013 Slideshow Summary (Cameroon, Kenya, and Tanzania)

Completed Practical Utility Platform (PUP) at the end of 2013 visit 2013 Team photo in Cameroon with newly constructed PUP The 2012 PUP prototype after a year of daily use in Cameroon (with an aspiring young driver) Assembling a ram pump at ACREST (Momamy and Chris) Kids examining the PUP construction manual John and Matthew at the waterfall that powers the hydroelectic turbine Heading back to the guesthouse on the 2012 PUP ACREST drove the 2012 PUP in the local National Day Parade Construction in process on the 2013 PUP (Josiah Thomas) The ACREST shop where the PUPs are built Construction looking good so far (Josiah Thomas) "I'm not sure our drawings look like this" (Joshua Scott) Examining the driveshaft (Brice and David Wilson) 2013 ACREST and Purdue team photo Finished shock mount on PUP Maintenance on the 2012 PUP (Arsene and Matthew) Sanding before painting (David and Matthew) Filling up the water barrels on the PUP to haul to the guest house Painting the rear frame (David) Friends Our ride (the motorcycle taxi) asked us to walk up the hill Alternative methods of transporting produce Alternative methods of transporting produce Visiting Njong and the school soccer field (Matthew) Kids reactions often transcend culture and location Ending the day with a good snack (or two) Visiting the East Africa Farmer Innovation Fair in Nairobi Purdue students learning about farming innovations from various speakers Enjoying the school recess in Kibera Octopizzo giving our group a tour of Kibera High housing density in Kibera The outside view of a plastic bottle recycled for a light The inside view of the same bottle Driving from Nairobi (Kenya) to Arusha (Tanzania) Learned a lot of history from a retired school teacher in Endallah, Tanzania The site of the proposed water collection system Significan erosion problems and a failure at the existing collection site Grant and Chris enjoy a closer inspection Finding a little time to bring out the Purdue flag Our last stop, a training center north of Arusha (Oikos) Visiting an aquaduct experiencing flow problems Visiting a Maasai market Students applying problem-solving skills to photography Finally, a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro Saying goodbye to Oikos, Tanzania, and our friends
The 2012 PUP prototype after a year of daily use in Cameroon (with an aspiring young driver)