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The abstract prototype movie of Team D – Learning Together. This system allows context-aware language learning with a tandem partner when staying in a foreign country.


Attic Lift

This design resolves the routine task of transporting house-hold items to overhead attics in a user-friendly and yet robust manner. The design offers capability of transporting items of a wide variety of weights and shapes without the requirement of high

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BoaG: Cable Management System

Our BoaG concept is a device that solves our identified problem of cable management by allowing the user to wind their cable/cords around an enclosed drum, and allowing the cable/cords to be pulled out or retracted to any desired length,

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flO: Water Monitoring System

Many people leave the water running while brushing their teeth or take showers that are longer than necessary. When the water bill comes only one person in the household is aware of the amount of water they have used and

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Pasta al Dente

Addressing any or all of these challenges in both pasta cooking methods creates a great opportunity for a new product. The traditional method brings to light the inconveniences of needing a stove and watching the entire process. On the other

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BGFM+ Workout Buddy

This project focused on developing an at-desk workout system. In the United States 33.8% of Americans are obese and this product will greatly help people and reduce costs for companies. Because of this, we rated the potential for market success,

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Dishwasher Rack Lifter

After identifying several product opportunity gaps, the team choose to develop a concept that makes a dishwasher easier to load. Our primary focus is developing a means of lifting the bottom rack up to counter-top level so that the user

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PASO: Paperless Solutions

The goal of this project was to create a paper-less receipt process which provides the most benefits to the consumer. A program that would allow users to use coupons and receive receipts without the use of any paper (printed coupons,

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