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Visualization mosaics (Computer Graphics Forum 2013). (PDF)

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Jan 2013

Prof. Niklas Elmqvist has just been awarded an NSF CAREER award for a project on ubiquitous analytics! Watch this space for more information. Award abstract here.

Oct 2012

IEEE VisWeek 2012 is currently ongoing in Seattle, WA and Pivot has four presentations this week: typographic maps (InfoVis), temporal correlation (VAST), the role of time in investigative analysis (TVCG), and visualization in games (TVCG). Come see our talks!

Oct 2012

Check out the Purdue news release on our work on extended multitouch that is being presented this month at the ACM UIST 2012 conference in Cambridge, MA!

Sep 2012

Pivot will be presenting a paper called "Branch-Explore-Merge" at the ACM ITS 2012 conference in November in Boston, MA. In other news, please check out our SpeechDelta and ThemeDelta project websites for ongoing work!

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