ECN Deployment and Installation Scripts

build-ks (server:/export/system/deploy/kickstart/bin/build-ks)

Create machine specific kickstart template for use by installation program.


*Required parameters

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S99ecnfirstboot (newhost:/etc/rc.d/rc[35].d/S99ecnfirstboot)

Runs the firstboot script from the master machine during the first bootup after an OS installation.

This script is created during the kickstart installation and placed in either the rc3.d or rc5.d startup directory depending on the default run level of the machine. If the kickstart template designates no X configuration, the default level is 3 (rc3.d), otherwise it is 5 (rc5.d). The script is deleted after it has run.

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register (server:/export/system/deploy/bin/register)

Registers the machine with the RedHat Network (RHN) using the ITaP key supplied for ECN supported machines. Called by the firstboot script.

firstboot (server:/export/system/deploy/bin/firstboot)

Run by a generated script during the first reboot after installation. Sets up initial configuration, registers machine with RHN and performs initial up2date.

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