How do I change how polaris behaves? What is a switch? What is a switches file?

Polaris allows the user to have greater control over the parallelization process through the use of command line switches. Switches appear on the command line after -s. The various switches are described in detail in the polaris man page. As an example, we could parallelize a program using the SGI directives, instead of the default OpenMP directives by calling polaris as follows:

>> polaris -version new -s output_lang=6 example.f

The default settings of all of the switches are kept in a file called the switches file. This file is located in /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/polaris. Since the script allows you to run different versions of polaris, there are several versions of the "switches" file. The script will automatically select the correct version. If you want to modify this file you can copy it to your local directory and then set the evironment variable POLARIS_ROOT to the directory in which it resides. However, it is strongly suggested that you do not do this since changes in the default switch file will not propagate into your version.