I have an ECN Account, how do I setup my environment so that I can run polaris?

The most up to date version of the polaris executable is kept in the /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/bin directory. You should add this to your path if it is not already there. Next, in order to access the polaris man pages, you should add the /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/man directory to your man path. To ensure that polaris uses the most up to date switch file, set the POLARIS_ROOT environment variable to /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/polaris.

An example, using the csh is given below. You may want to add these commands to your .cshrc so that you don't have to retype them each time you log in:

>> setenv PATH /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/bin:$PATH
>> setenv MANPATH /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/man:$MANPATH
>> setenv POLARIS_ROOT /home/peak/a/paramnt/tools/polaris