How can I obtain SPEC Benchmarks.

Purdue is an associate member of the SPEC High-Performance group. The ParaMount group participates actively in SPEC activities. We have access to most SPEC benchmark suites, including the High-Performance benchmarks (SPEChpc96), the CPU benchmarks (SPECfp2000 and SPECint2000, also the older SPEC95 benchmarks), the SPEC Web benchmarks (SPECweb99), and several SPEC graphics benchmarks.

All Purdue members are allowed to use these benchmarks. The benchmarks come with certain rules. For example, you are not allowed to distribute the benchmarks outside Purdue; you are not allowed to use certain SPEC metrics for quoting performance results (unless you adhere strictly to the SPEC runrules). However it is allowed, and common, to use the benchmarks in research experiments and report these results (not using SPEC metrics). SPEC has some recommendations for using its benchmarks in research papers.

To get a copy of SPEC benchmarks, you can borrow our SPEC CD. Send mail to

You can find more information about SPEC and its benchmarks at