How do I create an EPS file on Linux? 2.0 has a direct export to EPS option. From the main menu, select File, then select Export. There are a variety of export formats. Choose EPS.


  1. Open the document you want to use to create the EPS file. This can be an Excel chart, a web page, or anything else.
  2. Go to another desktop and start the GIMP.
  3. Select Acquire from the file menu. This will bring up several options.
  4. Select capture window without decorations and set the delay to 4 seconds. Click OK.
  5. Go back to the first desktop, and when the cursor changes to a crosshairs, click on the window containing your document.
  6. After a few seconds, a GIMP window will appear with the image. Select only the part of the image you need, then right click on it and select Copy from the Edit menu.
  7. Right click again, and this time choose Paste as New from the Edit menu.
  8. Another image window will appear. Close the first image window and say OK when it asks for confirmation.
  9. Right click on the new image and select Flatten from the Layers menu.
  10. Right click on the new image and select Save As from the File menu.
  11. Set the file format to Postscript and type in a filename that ends with .eps, then click Save.
  12. Check Encapsulated Postscript and click OK. You're done.