How do I add a question/answer to the FAQ?

Only members of the ParaMount group, i.e. the unix group paramnt, have proper permissions to directly modify the FAQ. The FAQ is contained in the directory: /home/yare/re/paramnt/WWW/FAQ/

This answer will tell you how to add a question to an existing topic. If you want to add a new topic, see "How do I add a new topic to the FAQ?"

The FAQ directory contains subdirectories that correspond to topics, e.g. SEC_Running_OpenMP_Programs. To add a question/answer to an existing topic, you can simply add a file to the corresponding directory. The file should be in html format and be named *.html, where the * cannot contain the string "HEADER". I typically just name things Qnnn.html where nnn is a number.

The question is automatically identified by a script to update the faq. The question must appear on a line by itself. The line preceeding the question must be <h3> and the line after the question must be </h3>. No other level 3 headings can be used in the file. Other than this requirement, any html elements may be used throughout the file. Multiple questions can be linked to the same file by listing multiple questions in h3 block. An example question/answer is shown below

Can I Get My Own Copy of Polaris?
Can I Download Polaris From Somewhere?

If you are outside of Purdue see 
<a href=""></a>.
If you are within Purdue send mail to
(we can give you our modified version, i.e. with the 
OpenMP directives etc...)  If you simply want to use
Polaris, there are easier ways then to install it
yourself: (1) if you're at Purdue we already have
an public copy and (2) regardless of where you are,
you can use the <a href="">
Parallel Programming Hub</a>. 

The example will cause two questions: "Can I Get My Own Copy of Polaris?" and "Can I Download Polaris From Somewhere?" to be included in the FAQ and be linked to the same answer.

After adding a question, you must update the FAQ by running the update_faq script from within the /home/yara/re/paramnt/WWW/FAQ directory.