Cetus is a compiler infrastructure for the source-to-source transformation of software programs. It currently supports ANSI C.

The ParaMount Group at Purdue University conducts research projects related to high performance computing, including: advanced compilation techniques, methodologies and tools for parallel programming, program characterization, benchmark evaluation and development, parallel and distributed computing concepts, parallel architectures, and global networking.

Paramount News

  • Try out a web-demo of our OpenMP to CUDA converter here!

  • Latest Cetus version (1.4.0) with GUI is available for download!

  • Hearty congratulations to Hansang to have defended his PhD thesis!

  • Dheya's paper titled "Portable Section-Level Tuning of Compiler Parallelized Applications" has been accepted for Supercomputing Conference (SC), 2012. Congratulations! SC.

  • Congratulations Tanzima to have a paper accepted at Supercomputing Conference 2012 SC.

  • Congratulations to Okwan and Fahed. Their Paper titled "A Hybrid Approach of OpenMP for Clusters" is accepted in PPOPP12.

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