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Exam Schedule

Spring 2023
Course Number Course Name Exams
AAE51400 Intermediate Aerodynamics
AAE55200 Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials
AAE55500 Mechanics of Composite Materials
AAE56000 System of Systems Modeling and Analysis
AAE59000 Data Science in Mechanics of Materials
AAE59000 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics
AAE60700 Variational Principles of Mechanics
AAE62600 Turbulence and Turbulence Modeling
AAE67500 Advanced Signals and Systems for Satellite Navigation
ABE59100 Polymeric Biomaterials
BME51100 Biomedical Signal Processing
BME56200 Regulatory Issues Surrounding Approval of Biomedical Devices
BME56400 Ethical Engineering of Medical Tech
BME58100 Fundamentals of MEMS

Exam 1: Mar. 12, 2020

BME59500 Neural Mechanisms of Health and Disease

Exam 1: Feb. 11, 2015

Exam 2: Apr. 03, 2015

BME59500 Polymeric Biomaterials
CE51300 Lighting and Daylighting Design of Buildings
CE52200 Computer Applications in Construction
CE57200 Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures
CE57300 Structural Dynamics
CE57900 Structural Stability and Design
CE59700 Geographic Information Systems
CE59700 Plastics in Infrastructure and the Environment
CE59700 Water Supply In Developing Countries
CE63100 Advanced Concrete and Aggregates
CE69700 Photochemical Reactors: Theory, Methods & Applications
CEM59700 Accounting and Finance for Managing Construction
CEM59700 Requirements and Implementation of ISO 41001
ECE50631 Fundamentals of Current Flow
ECE50632 Introduction to Quantum Transport
ECE50633 Boltzmann Law: Physics to Computing
ECE50863 Computer Network Systems
ECE51012 Electromechanics
ECE51018 Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Exam 1: Feb. 14, 2020

Exam 2: Mar. 27, 2020

ECE52600 Fundamental of BioMEMS and Micro-Integrated Systems
ECE55200 Introduction to Lasers
ECE58000 Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
ECE59500 Essentials of Transistors
ECE59500 Intro to Electronics Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration
ECE59500 Optical Imaging Systems Design
ECE59500 Quantum Computing I: Fundamentals
ECE59500 Quantum Computing II: Hardware
ECE59500 Quantum Computing III: Algorithm & Software
ECE59500 Semiconductor Fundamentals
ECE60000 Random Variables and Signals
ECE60200 Lumped System Theory
ECE60400 Electromagnetic Field Theory
ECE60600 Solid-State Devices
ECE60827 Programmable Accelerator Architectures
ECE61700 Antennas: Design and Application
ECE63700 Digital Image Processing I
ECE68800 VLSI Test & Verificatn
ECE69500 Advanced IoT Design and Applications
ECE69500 Communication for Engineering Leaders
ECE69500 Fiber Optics Communications
ECE69500 Nanophotonic Modeling
ECE69500 Quantum Detectors
ENE50500 Theories of Development and Engineering Thinking
ENE50600 Content Assessment and Pedagogy: An Integrated Engineering Design Approach
ENE55400 Globalization and Engineering

Exam 1: Jun. 23, 2015

Exam 2: Jul. 31, 2015

ENE59500 Exp Alt Career Path for Eng Ed
ENE68700 Mentored Teaching in Engineering
ENE69000 Seminar in Engineering Education
IE54600 Economic Decisions in Engineering
IE55800 Safety Engineering
IE59000 Big Data Risk Analytics for Engineering Management and Public Policy
IE59000 Design Lean Six Sigma Blk Belt
IE59000 Human Factors of Medical Devices
MA51100 Linear Algebra with Applications
MA52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I

Exam 1: Oct. 01, 2015

Exam 2: Nov. 17, 2015

Final Exam: Dec. 14, 2015

MA52800 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists II
ME50500 Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME51000 Gas Dynamics
ME52500 Combustion
ME55300 Product and Process Design
ME55400 Intellectual Property for Engineers
ME55600 Lubrication, Friction and Wear
ME55900 Micromechanics of Materials
ME56200 Advanced Dynamics
ME57900 Fourier Methods in Digital Signal Processing
ME65000 Computational Fracture Mechanics

Exam 1: Mar. 08, 2016

Exam 2: Apr. 14, 2016

MSE52700 Introduction to Biomaterials
MSE53000 Materials Processing in Manufacturing
MSE59700 Additive Manufacturing of Materials
MSE59700 Lean Manufacturing
NUCL50200 Nuclear Engineering Systems
NUCL51000 Nuclear Reactor Theory I
NUCL52000 Radiation Effects and Reactor Materials
NUCL57000 Fuzzy Approaches In Engineering
STAT51100 Statistical Methods
STAT51400 Design of Experiments
SYS53000 Practical Systems Thinking
SYS59000 Systems Engineering Processes and Professional Competencies