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Exam Schedule

Fall 2021
Course Number Course Name Exams
AAE50700 Principles of Dynamics
AAE53700 Hypersonic Propulsion
AAE55000 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
AAE55300 Elasticity in Aerospace Engineering
AAE55400 Fatigue of Structures and Materials
AAE55800 Finite Element Methods in Aerospace Structures
AAE56400 Systems Analysis and Synthesis
AAE57500 Introduction to Satellite Navigation and Positioning
AAE59000 Aerospace Propulsion
AAE59000 Space Flight Operations
AAE59000 System Safety and Reliability
AAE63200 Advanced Orbital Dynamics
BME50100 Biostatistics
BME51100 Biomedical Signal Processing
BME55600 Introduction to Clinical Medicine
BME56100 Preclinical and Clinical Study Design
BME59500 Medical Imaging Diagnostic Technologies
CE55000 Physico/Chemical Processes in Environmental Engineering
CE59700 Analysis and Design of Water Distribution Systems
CE59700 Design of Sanitary Sewer Systems
CE59700 Design of Urban Water Management Structures
CE59700 Fundamentals of Nanomaterials and Nanotech
CE59700 Logistics and Supply Chains
CE59700 Nano-device for Energy Harvesting and Sensing
CE59700 Nanomaterials for Civil and Environmental Engineering
CE59700 Network Models for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
CEM59700 Asset Management for Buried Pipelines
CEM59700 Construction Productivity
CS51500 Numerical Linear Algebra
CS54100 Database Systems
CS57800 Statistical Machine Learning
ECE50863 Computer Network Systems
ECE51300 Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging
ECE53800 Digital Signal Processing I
ECE56500 Computer Architecture
ECE59500 Boltzmann Law: Physics to Machine Learning
ECE59500 Computer Vision for Embedded Systems
ECE59500 Fundamentals of Current Flow
ECE59500 Intro to Compilers: Code Generation
ECE59500 Intro to Compilers: Compiler Basics
ECE59500 Intro to Compilers: Optimization
ECE59500 Intro to Data Mining
ECE59500 Intro to Quantum Science & Tech
ECE59500 Introduction to Deep Learning
ECE59500 Introduction to Quantum Transport
ECE60200 Lumped System Theory
ECE60400 Electromagnetic Field Theory
ECE60600 Solid-State Devices
ECE60800 Computational Models and Methods
ECE61000 Energy Conversion
ECE61014 Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Component Design
ECE68000 Modern Automatic Control
ECE69500 Big Data for Reliability and Security
ECE69500 Primer on RF Circuit Design
ECE69500 Quantum Detectors & Sensors
ECE69500 RF Design: Passive Active Components
ECE69500 RF System Design
ECE69500 Time Domain Simulation and Optimization for Design
ENE50101 Foundations of Engineering Education
ENE50200 History and Philosophy of Engineering Education
ENE50300 Engineering Education Inquiry
ENE68500 Educational Methods in Engineering
ENE69000 Seminar in Engineering Education
ENE69500 Succeeding as an Engineering Professor
IE53000 Quality Control
IE57000 Manufacturing Process Engineering
IE57700 Human Factors in Engineering
IE57800 Applied Ergonomics
IE58200 Advanced Facilities Design
MA52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I
ME50100 Statistical Thermodynamics
ME50900 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
ME51300 Engineering Acoustics
ME51800 Analysis of Thermal Systems
ME53300 Turbomachinery 2
ME53900 Introduction to Scientific Machine Learning
ME55300 Product and Process Design
ME55400 Intellectual Property for Engineers
ME57100 Reliability Based Design
ME58100 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
ME59700 Complex Fluids
ME59700 Decision Making in Engineering Design
ME61400 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MSE59700 Mechanical Properties and Behaviors of Polymers
MSE60000 Materials Engineering Fundamentals
NUCL50100 Nuclear Engineering Principles

Exam 1: Sep. 12, 2018

Exam 2: Oct. 12, 2018

Exam 3: Nov. 09, 2018

NUCL57500 Neural Computing in Engineering
NUCL59700 Big Data and Machine Learning in Engineering
STAT51300 Statistical Quality Control
STAT51600 Basic Probability and Applications
SYS50000 Perspectives on Systems
SYS51000 Tools and Methodologies for Designing Systems