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Exam Schedule

Summer 2021
Course Number Course Name Exams
CE59700 Elastic Stability and Behavior of Members
CE59700 Plastics in Infrastructure and the Environment
CE59700 Stability and Design of Structural Frames
CE59700 Stability and Design of Structural Members
CE63100 Advanced Concrete and Aggregates
CHE59700 Analytical Approach to Healthcare Delivery
CHE59700 Medical Devices: Dev and Clin App
ECE59500 Boltzmann Law: Physics to Machine Learning
ECE59500 Fundamentals of Current Flow
ECE60200 Lumped System Theory
ECE69500 Communication for Engineering Leaders
ECE69500 Time Domain Simulation and Optimization for Design
GRAD59000 Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Discipline
IE56600 Production Management Control
MA51100 Linear Algebra with Applications
MA52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I
MSE59700 Batteries
STAT51100 Statistical Methods
STAT51200 Applied Regression Analysis

Exam 1: Jul. 10, 2018

Final Exam: Aug. 02, 2018