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Engineering Management & Leadership Concentration Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Engineering Degree (MSE or MS) requires 30 credit hours total with at least 18 hours of Purdue engineering courses. The ENML concentration will add more requirements to the basic degree to bring the total required credit hours needed up to 33 credit hours, 21 credit hours from Purdue and 12 credit hours from a partner business school.  Of the 21 Purdue engineering credit hours, 9-12 credit hours should be aimed at providing depth within your chosen engineering discipline. In addition 9-12 credit hours of engineering courses emphasizing systems design and development must be taken. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how to design and manage complex, technical systems over their life cycles. 

Once you've completed at least 9 hours of courses from Purdue and have a cumulative Purdue GPA of 3.0 or better, you can begin the management courses.

The list of Purdue courses offered via distance may be sorted by semester/year or school.  Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change and you will need to review it frequently throughout your degree program.  Changes may be made to your POS in the future if they meet the degree and concentration requirements. Almost all Purdue courses are three credit hours. 

Required (at least 9 hours):  Systems Design and Development

AAE 550 - Multidisciplinary Design Optimization AAE 55200 - Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials AAE 56000 - System of Systems Modeling and Analysis
AAE 56400 - Systems Analysis and Synthesis AAE 59000 - System Safety and Reliability ECE 58000 - Optimization Methods for Systems and Control
ECE 61016 - Power Electronic Converters and Systems ECE 63300 - Modeling & Simulation of Power System Components ECE 67000 - Modeling & Optimization of High Performance Interconnects
IE 53000 - Quality Control IE 53200 - Reliability IE 53300 - Industrial Applications of Statistics
IE 54500 - Engineering Economic Analysis IE 54600 - Economic Decisions in Engineering IE 55800 - Safety Engineering
IE 56600 - Production Management Control IE 57000 - Manufacturing Process Engineering IE 57700 - Human Factors in Engineering
IE 57900 - Design & Control of Production & Manufacturing Systems IE 58000 - Systems Simulation IE 59000 - Applied Ergonomics
IE 59000 - Manufacturing Economics IE 59000 - Production Management Control IE 59000 - Material Flow Systems Planning
IE 59000 - Power Systems & Smart Grid ME 51800 - Analysis of Thermal Systems ME 55300 - Product and Process Design
ME 55700 - Design for Manufacturability  (requires 3 on-campus, Saturday labs) ME 57100 - Reliability-Based Design MSE 59700 - Lean Manufacturing
SYS 50000 - Perspectives on Systems SYS 51000 -  Tools and Methodologies for Designing Systems SYS 53000 - Practical Systems Thinking

* Engineering courses  are offered by engineering schools and/or taught by engineering faculty such as AAE-Aeronautics & Astronautics, ABE - Agricultural & Biological Engineering, BME-Biomedical Engineering, CE-Civil Engineering, ECE-Electrical & Computer Engineering, EEE - Environmental & Ecological Engineering, IE-Industrial Engineering, ME-Mechanical Engineering, MSE - Materials Engineering, NUCL -Nuclear Engineering, SYS - Systems Engineering.   Examples of non-engineering courses are BIOL - Biological Sciences, CS-Computer Science, GRAD-Graduate studies, MA-Mathematics, STAT-Statistics, etc.

Students will complete 12 credit hours from the nationally ranked Indiana University Kelley School of Business.  Upon successful completion (B- or better grades) a Certificate in Business Management is awarded by IU.  The courses will be transferred to the Purdue engineering degree. 

Kelley School of Business offers a four-term calendar - fall, winter, spring and summer. All IU courses must be completed within 2 years (ex: start of Fall 2019 through to the end of Summer 2021). View the Academic Calendar for IU course availability throughout terms.

Required:  Business Management  

Business Course Details 

  • BUKD-C521 - Managing Accounting Information for Decision-Making (Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • BUKD-C570 - Strategic Marketing Management (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • BUKD-C580 - Operations Management (Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • BUKD-C560 - Strategic Management and Business Planning (Fall, Winter, Spring)
    or BUKD-C562 - Developing Strategic Capability (Winter, Spring, Summer)

Note: BUKD-C521 and BUKD-C580 must be taken prior to BUKD-C560 or BUKD-C562. IU management courses must be completed within two years.

Interdisciplinary Engineering Degree - MSE or MS with ENML
Engr systems Mgmt credits semester
& year
course number course title
=18 hours = 9 hours = 12 hours = 33 hours       Totals

The student is ultimately responsible for knowing and completing all degree requirements. This website is a knowledge source for specific requirements and completion.

Note: The plan of study worksheet is an aid to help you understand the program requirements and map out a plan. The actual electronic plan of study ePOS is submitted via myPurdue during the first semester you're registered after admission to a degree program.