Applied Heat Transfer

Read about the required engineering courses and possible electives you can take in Purdue Engineering's graduate certificate program in Applied Heat Transfer.

Our Program

This certificate program is designed to help you become knowledgeable about the area of applied heat transfer. This certificate program meets the needs of mid-career and late-career engineers new to the area of applied heat transfer. The certificate is ideal for engineering managers who need a background in applied heat transfer and its implementation in emerging technologies.

Our Curriculum

Twelve credits in heat transfer and related courses (i.e., other related aspects of mechanical engineering) are required for completion of the certificate. Up to three-semester credits can be transferred from another university (effectively, one of four courses); the remainder must be earned at Purdue.

An average grade of B or higher in the two core courses and an average of 3.0 or higher overall are required.


ME 50500: Intermediate Heat Transfer

And one of the following:

ME 59700/511: Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems
ME 60800: Numerical Methods in Heat and Mass Transfer


The student must choose two elective courses from those listed above and below - only one math course.

ME 51000: Gas Dynamics
ME 56300: Mechanical Vibrations
ME 58100: Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
ME 61400: Computational Fluid Dynamics**
MA 52700: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers & Physicists I
MA 52800: Advanced Mathematics for Engineers & Physicists II

**Can not be used if ME 60800 was taken

One transfer course allowed. Offered to off-campus students only


Further requirement details are available. Student must hold a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area (Engineering, Science, Mathematics, or Technology) with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Note: Acceptance into the certificate program does NOT assure admission to the Graduate School of Purdue University to pursue an advanced degree.