Regulations for Exam Proctors

Regulations for Administering Exams

These regulations and the conditions must be rigorously observed in administering examinations in connection with Purdue University's off-campus graduate credit courses.  Any location that cannot administer examinations in accordance with these regulations and conditions will not be permitted to serve as an exam site.

□ Exam PDF file to be accessed and downloaded from online exam website via secure exam portal using login and password.  Do not share your login credentials with another proctor or a student.  

□ Printed exams must be put in a secure location for safekeeping until the exam is administered.

□ The class roster must be viewed from the online exam website to determine if more than one student is at the site and who their designated primary proctor is.

□ Confirm the identity of distance learning students on exam day using their government-issued ID.

□ Give exam on the date indicated on the exam cover sheet. 

□ If exam cannot be administered on the scheduled date, student must obtain permission from professor IN ADVANCE to take exam on an alternate date.  Please indicate on Exam Cover Sheet (in the "Comments from Exam Proctor to Professor" section) that this has been approved by professor and provide a copy of written approval.

□ The approved exam proctor must be present to serve as proctor during the entire period of the examination.

□ Access to the online exam website is restricted to approved site representatives and exam proctors.  Back-up contacts may be given access by providing their full name and complete contact info to our office.

□ No communication is permitted among the students taking the examination.

□ The proctor collects the exams, then signs, dates, and completes the certification section of the exam cover sheet.  It is very important that all information on the exam cover sheet be completed to prevent delay in getting the exam graded by the professor. 

□ Immediately submit all completed exams to the ProEd office.  All pages of the completed exam will need to be scanned in high-resolution to a single PDF file and uploaded to the Class Roster page via the Secure Exam Portal (where you originally accessed the exam).  Any notes or crib sheets should be collected and returned with the exam unless otherwise noted on the exam cover sheet.

□ The exam proctor must keep the original copy of the completed exam in the event that the uploaded copy is not legible. ProEd will contact the proctor if there is any issue with the uploaded electronic copy.  The exam hard copies and any saved electronic copies are to be shredded and/or deleted at the conclusion of each semester.

Deterring and Detecting Academic Dishonesty
Purdue prohibits "dishonesty in connection with any University activity. Cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the University are examples of dishonesty."
The following are a few examples of academic dishonesty:

  • substituting on an exam for another student

  • obtaining a copy of a test in advance of its scheduled administration

  • using unauthorized notes during an exam

  • obtaining a test from the exam site, completing, and submitting it later

  • altering answers on a scored test and submitting it for a regrade

For complete guidelines on deterrence and detection, please visit: