Corporate Clients


We proudly partner with corporations around the world to provide exceptional learning experiences to their employees. Purdue offers organizations some of the best online graduate engineering programs, the convenience of completing the program without taking time off work, and the ability to mold the curriculum around their interests and the needs of their organization.

Our Quality

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Purdue consistently among the top 5 Online Engineering Master's Program in the nation for the past 7 years. Several of our individual programs have achieved top-10 and top-20 rankings, along with top rankings. When you partner with Purdue, your employees will receive instruction from accomplished experts and industry thought leaders, and they'll put what they learn to work for you the very next day.

Our Value

By progressing through their program of study online, without taking time off from work, our students are able to continue meeting the needs of their employers while enhancing their skill sets along the way. Students will be prepared to give you a competitive edge, and your willingness to invest in your employees' futures may help your organization attract and retain other top candidates when it's time to hire.

Our Customization

Because our interdisciplinary program is completely customizable, we will work closely with you and your employees to define your needs and create an educational experience that will meet those needs.

For program specific questions, please submit an email with your question to