Potential Agile Project Management Jobs

Investing in the online Purdue Agile Project Management Certification Course can help professionals move forward in their careers by learning new organizational skill sets and agile methods such as scum and kanban. The agile methodology is beneficial in numerous careers, such as the following shortlist.

Job Title: Marketing Strategist

Salary: $45,000 to $140,000

  • Marketing strategists research, develop and execute marketing plans to meet their company’s or client’s goals. This requires the collaborative skill Agile teaches and the ability to adjust tactics on the fly in order to optimize marketing efforts, just the kind of flexibility that Agile’s iterative approach to projects facilitates.

Job Title: Construction site manager

Salary: $101,000 to $133,000

  • Construction site managers organize the work on building project sites, ensuring a project is completed safely, to specifications, on time, and within budget. Agile training provides a construction site manager with project organization and management tools to reach those goals even in cases where, as is not unusual, the unexpected happens.

Job Title: Software Developer

Salary: $54,000 to $130,000

  • Software developers create computer applications and systems for everything from games to high finance. Agile helps developers by breaking what can be a large, complex and daunting task into manageable pieces or parts, each delivered cleanly and culminating, with opportunities for continuous improvement along the way, in a polished finished product.

Job Title: Health Services Administrator

Salary: $76,000 to $161,000

  • Health services administrators oversee day-to-day operations integral to the functioning of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities and organizations. Healthcare as an industry is changing rapidly and healthcare administrators need tools that allow them to pivot to address uncertainty, which the Agile approach is designed to enable.

Job Title: Nuclear Engineer

Salary: $53,000 to $140,000

  • Nuclear engineers research, develop, and oversee processes, instrumentation and systems for the design, construction and operation of nuclear power facilities and applications of radiation and nuclear power in other fields, such as health care and even space exploration. They’re likely to work in collaborative, cross-disciplinary teams, a strength of the Agile methodology.

The above list provides job titles and salaries that can be found on salary.com