Agile Student Testimonies and Features

Business consultant Tameka Moore was looking for a course that would help her apply Agile techniques in her work and life and also ground her in the foundations and history of the methodology. She found it in Purdue’s online Agile Project Management Certification Course.

The structure of the course was well-designed for working professionals, as well as a mom of four like Moore. Each week built on the last and covered a considerable, but not excessive, amount of substantive material.

“You don’t feel like you’re getting busy work,” Moore said. “The course was really good at connecting to my active work experiences. You can relate it to your day-to-day work right away. I think that’s very powerful when you can look at it and say I’m getting value from day one. I almost feel like I should have paid more the value is so good.”

agile-student.jpgInstructional designer Eric de Araujo manages projects – lots of projects – big and small. He was looking to learn more about project management and a colleague pointed him to Purdue's online Agile Project Management Certification Course.

Agile’s iterative approach to projects – and its focus on identifying and addressing high-priority high-value steps at each stage – is something Araujo finds especially valuable when working clients who are not quite sure what they want from a project.

“Similar to how a software developer might prototype a working product for feedback from the customer, I build a piece for them to review,” Araujo said. “They give me feedback, I iterate on the design, and I return it to them for more feedback. As a result of this process, design possibilities can be uncovered they were not aware of.”

Professionals in many professions and industries also had to quickly learn how to utilize Agile project management when the COVID-2019 pandemic began. Learn Four Ways Agile Project Management And Pandemics Were Made For Each Other.

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