Additive Manufacturing Business & Economics

The AM Business & Economics course is one of 3 courses to fulfill the AM Executives Certification. Students and professionals seeking the AM Executive Certification will learn how to develop a business case for AM, including identifying business considerations and key cost drivers and the steps in each key process. Students will also learn about real-world applications of AM, and will be able to categorize material types used. Students will be supported by members of the ADDvisor℠ Services team from The Barnes Group Advisors, whose team contributions to the field include certifying flight hardware using AM for series production engines and aircraft.

Course Details

This course focuses on forming a business case for additive manufacturing. Students will learn to identify cost drivers and opportunities for cost savings in AM and develop core AM industrialization strategies.

Upon completion of this course, a graduate of Additive Manufacturing Business & Economics can expect to be able to develop a business case for additive manufacturing, identify business considerations and cost drivers, discuss capital expenditures vs. outsourcing considerations, and identify business savings sustained by use of AM. Graduates will also be able to discuss the benefits of rapid prototyping with AM and distinguish between AM for prototyping and AM for production. The content throughout the online course, including lecture videos, was developed by subject matter experts (SMEs) in additive manufacturing in collaboration with the highly-experienced Purdue online course development team. 

Learning activities include video lectures and discussions of key topics in the course material and interactive discussion blogs designed to test your ability to take an exam. Modules average 1-3 hours per module and are designed for flexibility for working professionals, 100% online and self-paced. This is all available 24 hours a day/seven days a week throughout the 5 weeks of the course, asynchronous online discussion forums, online self-tests, quizzes, a case study, and an online final exam. Students will also have the ability to interact with peers and instructors.

Students will have 5 weeks of online access from the time of enrollment to complete all learning materials within the course. During the 5 weeks, students will manage their own learning pace with the assistance of instructors. The course instructors are highly-qualified additive manufacturing professionals and can be contacted via email during the course for content questions not addressed within the learning materials or within the online threaded discussions.

You will need to earn at least 80% of the available points in the course of each of the quizzes is required for successful completion of the course. You also have the option of earning up to 2 continuing education units (CEUs) for successful completion of the Additive Manufacturing Business & Economics course.

Course = 2 CEUs (20 contact hours over 5 weeks)