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Proctor Guidelines

Exam Proctor Guidelines

To uphold and preserve the academic integrity of our distance learning exam process, it is essential for the ProEd student to establish an Approved Exam Proctor. 

What is an Exam Proctor?
An Exam Proctor is the person at a particular site location whose services for ProEd and our students is to proctor, monitor, administer and return exams.  

Responsibilities of an Exam Proctor include the following:

  • A person acting as Proctor may not be a friend, family member or co-worker.
  • A person acting as Proctor may not be enrolled as a student with Purdue ProEd.
  • A person acting as Proctor should not report to the student on his/her job, and must uphold standards of fairness and impartiality.  This helps maintain the integrity of the Purdue ProEd program/degrees.
  • Proctor MUST agree to and follow established procedures listed in documents titled "Proctor Guidelines" and "Regulations for Administering Exams".
  • Each Proctor's site location must have a computer with internet access, a printer and a scanner.  The exams are downloaded and printed off from our website.  The student completes the exam with pen or pencil. Completed exams will need to be scanned to a PDF format before they can be uploaded to our website.
  • Each Proctor is responsible for receiving and proctoring all exams according to the instructions provided by the professor (noted on the exam cover sheet that accompanies all exams). 
  • Exams will be made accessible on our web site and should be returned by the Proctor to ProEd by using the preferred method of uploading completed exams via the Secure Exam Portal.
  • Exam proctoring also includes identifying any behaviors that may appear to be dishonest in nature during the course of an exam (or surrounding an exam situation).  The exam proctor is responsible for notifying ProEd of these concerns.
  • Exam Proctors should know that ProEd will not provide exams directly to students, nor do we allow students to return their own completed exams to us.  The Student is not to have access to the exam except during the allowed timeframe that the student is taking the actual exam. 
  • The exam receipt and return processes are electronic, and are only accessible via the Secure Exam Portal.  The Proctor must NOT share detailed information related to the Secure Exam Portal with the Student.
  • Questions related to accessing exams from our website must come from the Exam Proctor.  Do not have the students call the ProEd office on your behalf.

Please contact ProEd at any time should you have any comments, questions or concerns.