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Vision Statement

To sustainably meet the needs of present and future generations for wood-based materials and products by applying nanotechnology science and engineering to efficiently and effectively capture the entire range of values that wood-based lignocellulosic materials are capable of providing.

Mission Statement

The mission of this program is to advance nanoscale science and engineering of wood-based materials for product development by:

  • Improving the end use performance of new and existing forest-based materials and products

  • Improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness for converting forest-based materials to products

  • Altering lignocellulosic materials to obtain useful nanodimensional building blocks for new and improved forest products and bioenergy production

  • Developing Interdisciplinary Research and Educational Strategies: Gain exposure to new testing or evaluation techniques, new research perspectives, new applications, and a more diverse range of students.

  • Developing Impact Awareness: Identify and attend to sociological, environmental, and health issues regarding the use and development of new technologies and products.