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Program Director

Robert Moon

Robert Moon

Materials Research Engineer

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering

Since 2007 Dr Moon has directed the development of a nanoscale science and engineering research program for wood based materials. He has assembled a team of Purdue Faculty and USFS-Scientists with specific expertise to investigate various aspects of wood science research for fundamental knowledge development, applied product development, and new technological innovations. The program consists of several core research areas, each addressing a crucial need for advancing cellulose-based materials, composites and sensors. The culmination of this collaborative effort would be the establishment of a Forest Products Nanotechnology Center (FPNC) having its primary location at Purdue University.

Our research programs at Birck Nanotechnology Center, Discovery Park, Purdue University are focused on the metrology (or measurement) of CNCs, in particular, their structure, mechanical, electrical, thermal, piezoelectric properties, etc. We integrate advanced nanoscale experimental methods with innovative multi-scale modeling techniques (atomistic and continuum), modeling verification, and uncertainty quantification to characterize CNCs. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM), electron beam diffraction, cryo-TEM, and molecular dynamics modeling (MD) are used to characterize CNC morphology and crystal structure. Atomic force microscopy (AFM), MD, and continuum modeling are used to characterize the CNC response to mechanical and electrical stimuli. This is truly an interdisciplinary research program as team members are from several different schools/departments at Purdue and from the US Forest Service.