Process: 2 separate ways to locate your point:

A) Search / Zoom and Click "Delineate",

B) or type in your location coordinates.


Search for or Zoom-in to your area.

Select "Delineate" button and click on the stream whose watershed you plan to analyze. Your location is sent to our L-THIA engine and the watershed of that point is calculated; then you can run L-THIA model on it to predict runoff.

To enter a specific latitude- longitude select "Lat-Lon" button below , longitude with minus sign must be within -97.00000 to -90.00000 and latitude within 49.00000 to 43.50000

Select UTM Zone15 N coordinates in meters: range of X should be within 194500 to 700000 and Y within 5432000 to 4825500

Finally click Done

UTM Z15   Lat-Lon
Y (or Lat):   
X (or Lon):

About Us


This Online Watershed Delineation (OWL) tool will delineate the area of ONE 8 digit HUC that flows to pour point and allow you to send that outline, and the soil and landuse data within the outline, to our online models.

Check the checkbox to display streaming WMS layer

HUC 8, 10, and 12 layer NHD water layer