Burns Ditch & Trail Creek Watershed Management System


Step-by-Step Tutorial Movies (requires Adobe Flash plug-in)


      Use this web-based tool to estimate effects of landuse changes, erosion control practices, and BMP on sediment erosion.  [ Introduction to interface and metadata]


This website makes it much easier to do these common hydrologic modeling tasks:


1)   View the delineated watershed, Change land use, add agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to farm fields, and apply structural BMPs in the watershed.

 [ Create/delineate the watershed |  Apply Agricultural BMPs, | Apply Structural BMPs | download watershed and curve number maps ]



2) Estimate (with added BMPS) long-term average annual sediment yield (tons/year) [Sediment yield ]



3) Estimate percent imperviousness in the watershed. [ Imperviousness]



4) Estimate peak rate of runoff, imperviousness, computed time of concentration, and the corresponding rainfall depth for the watershed. [ Runoff ]



5) Estimate (with current and modified landuse) average annual runoff and nonpoint source pollutant levels in the watershed. [ Run LTHIA ]



6) Design a channel, culvert, sediment basin, level terraces, runoff diversion, or low water crossing for the watershed. [ SedSpec ]