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The tool was reprogrammed in ArcPy and can be found at

The Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment (L-THIA) model has been used to estimate the long-term impacts of direct runoff and nonpoint source (NPS) pollution. L-THIA, requiring a modest effort to prepare input data, estimates runoff by SCS-CN method and pollutant loads by pollutant coefficients (Event Mean Concentration; EMC).
L-THIA was originally implemented as a spreadsheet application and has been developed in ArcView 3 and upgraded to ArcGIS. A GIS-based L-THIA (ArcL-THIA) was been developed in the ArcGIS 10.x platform to estimate long-term direct runoff and NPS loads, considering actual daily precipitation data. The easy-to-use philosophy was maintained with a user friendly interface, the model does not require profound knowledge and experience in ArcGIS. The author is Dr. Youn Shik Park, who can be contacted at A short training video is available here: movie.
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Download correctly formatted precipitation data ( 1965 - 1995) by state and county here: (Updated on May 28th 2015)

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