Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging

As part of the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, the Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging (LIBI) aims to accelerate basic and clinical neuroscience research by developing novel tools to integrate neural imaging, recording, stimulation, and modeling.

  1. Positions for Ph.D. students or postdoctoral fellows available.

  2. Positions are immediately available for an MRI technician and an MRI physicist.

  1. (06/04/19) The Lab’s work highlighted as a featured article on IEEE TBME.

  2. (05/15/19) Kuan’s paper on variational auto-encoder and fMRI accepted by NeuroImage.

  3. (05/05/19) Ranajay, Cherry, Tom each awarded Magna Cum Laude from ISMRM.

  4. (04/23/19) Cherry’s paper on animal fMRI with gastric stimuli accepted by NeuroImage.

  5. (04/12/19) Dr. Liu promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

  6. (04/11/19) Tom passed his final oral defense. Congratulations Dr. Lu.

  7. (03/01/19) Jiayue (Cherry) Cao awarded Innovation for Clinical Translation Fellowship.

  8. (02/25/19) The Lab launched collaboration with Takeda USA. 

  9. (12/20/18) The NIH SPARC initiative highlights the Lab’s publication.

  10. (10/31/18) The “Frontiers” Magazine highlights the Lab’s work on data science in brain research.

  11. (10/24/18) The Lab’s work on gastric MRI and vagus nerve stimulation highlighted in Purdue News.

  12. (10/22/18) The Lab releases source code for predictive coding network on Github.

  13. (10/15/18) Kuan received NIPS travel award.

  14. (09/28/18) Our work on brain decoding highlighted in NewScientist.

  15. (09/26/18) The Lab’s work on VNS and MRI highlighted on the cover of Neurogastroenterology and Motility.

  16. (09/25/18) Open-source toolbox released on Github for analysis of gastric MRI.

  17. (09/10/18) The Lab’s work on MRI-integrated neural recording devices published in IEEE TBME.

  18. (09/04/18) The Lab’s work on predictive coding network with local recurrent processing accepted by NIPS.

  19. (08/14/18) MR-Link received NIH funding to participate in C3i program to promote commercialization.

  20. (07/18/18) Nishant Babaria received his MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

  21. (07/16/18) The Lab’s paper on task-evoked connectivity published in Human Brain Mapping.

  22. (06/27/18) Jiayue and Kun-Han received 3 Magna Cum Laude Awards in the scientific meeting of ISMRM.

  23. (05/18/18) Kuan’s paper shows a variation of predictive coding network with local recurrent processing.

  24. (05/11/18) Haiguang’s paper on predictive coding is published and presented in ICML 2018.

  25. (04/23/18) Our paper in NeuroImage reports a method to train encoding models for many subjects.

  26. (04/18/18) Tom published in Neurogastroenterology and Motility on vagal modulation of gastric emptying.

  27. (04/12/18) Haiguang passed his PhD oral defense. Congratulations.

  28. (04/05/18) Haiguang received Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award from College of Engineering.

  29. (03/09/18) Haiguang and Yizhen both received MERIT abstract awards from the OHBM. Congratulations!

  30. (03/09/18) The Lab’s work selected for two oral and six poster presentations at the OHBM meeting.

  31. (03/07/18) Lauren passed her PhD oral defense. Congratulations.

  32. (03/02/18) Ranajay invited to talk about MR-Link devices in Purdue BME Bytes.

  33. (03/02/18) The Lab-affiliated startup, MR-Link LLC, highlighted by Purdue Today, among other media.

  34. (03/01/18) MR-Link LLC receives a STTR Phase I grant from NIH/NINDS as highlighted by Purdue News.

  35. (02/22/18) Dr. Liu co-authors an article in Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering.

  36. (02/19/18) Haiguang’s paper on Sci. Rep. shows cortical representations of thousands of web images

  37. (02/09/18) Haiguang reports a neuroscience-inspired deep predictive coding network for object recognition.

  38. (02/06/18) Junxing’s paper on Human Brain Mapping reports a model of distributed process memory.

  39. (02/05/18) Ranajay’s paper reports a new design for an MRI-integrated wireless recording device.

  40. (02/02/18) The Lab’s work selected for four oral and one poster presentations at the ISMRM meeting.

  41. (02/02/18) The Lab’s work on A.I. and brain highlighted by Science Museum UK.

  42. (01/03/18) Cherry received the Travel Award from Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience.

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