Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging

As part of the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, the Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging (LIBI) aims to accelerate basic and clinical neuroscience research by developing novel tools to integrate neural imaging, recording, stimulation, and modeling techniques.

  1. Postdoc or graduate research assistant positions are available for

  2. 1)Deep learning and computational neuroscience,

  3. 2)MRI-integrated devices for neural recording and stimulation,

  4. 3)In vivo animal MRI and neurophysiology

  5. Research opportunities for undergraduate students are available for

  6. 1)Web-based software on computational neuroscience,

  7. 2)Animal MRI and electrophysiology

  1. News

  2. (10/23/17) News release highlights the lab’s research on brain decoding.

  3. (10/06/17) The Lab releases fMRI data from 13 subjects watching a segment of a Hollywood movie.

  4. (10/01/17) The Lab releases >30hours of fMRI data from subjects watching a diverse set of natural videos.

  5. (09/29/17) Steven published in Laryngoscope on using MRI to image tissue hydration states in rodent models.

  6. (09/25/17) The Lab’s research on MRI-integrated devices is highlighted in news (Express Healthcare, Health Imaging, Health Training and Education, EE Digest, Health Medicine Network, Health Care Business, the Engineer, Purdue News).

  7. (09/20/17) Haiguang published in Cerebral Cortex on neural encoding and decoding with deep learning.

  8. (09/20/17) Dr. Liu joined the editorial board of NeuroImage.

  9. (08/17/17) Junxing’s paper shows a brain-like hierarchical model of process memory for action recognition

  10. (08/04/17) Kun-Han Lu published in IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engr. on contrast-enhanced gastric MRI.

  11. (08/02/17) Haiguang Wen’s paper shows a way to train predictive models of the brain for many subjects.

  12. (07/21/17) Students’ success in research highlighted in news.

  13. (07/18/17) News highlights MR-Link device invented by the lab.

  14. (07/13/17) Junxing Shi passed the final oral exam for his master degree in electrical and computer engineering.

  15. (06/21/17) Haiguang Wen’s paper shows a new way to map cortical representations of visual objects.

  16. (06/16/17) The Lab contributed to a new NIH R21 award to study children with cerebral palsy.

  17. (06/07/17) Yizhen Zhang’s paper addresses how the brain allows musicians to imagine Beethoven symphony.

  18. (06/07/17) Kun-Han Lu published in Human Brain Mapping on mapping fine-scale visual cortical networks.

  19. (05/02/17) Haiguang Wen and Lauren Marussich received their candidacy for Ph.D. degrees.

  20. (04/27/17) MR-Link LLC received Black Award from Purdue Foundry.

  21. (04/27/17) Dr. Liu gave an talk at the “Current Issues in Brain Function” study group at ISMRM.

  22. (04/10/17) Tom, Ranajay, Cherry received “Summa Cum Laude” and “Magna Cum Laude” awards at ISMRM.

  23. (04/07/17) Dr. Liu was recognized with the Team Award from the College of Engineering at Purdue.

  24. (03/25/17) Five abstracts accepted for one oral and four poster presentations at the OHBM meeting.

  25. (03/05/17) Junxing won the Merit Abstract Award from the Organization of Human Brain Mapping.

  26. (02/27/17) Ranajay, Nishant, and Dr. Liu founded MR-Link LLC.

  27. (02/16/17) Kun-Han Lu, Ranajay Mandal, and Haiguang Wen received ISMRM educational stipend.

  28. (01/31/17) Five abstracts accepted for three oral and two poster presentations at the ISMRM meeting.

  29. (01/19/17) Lauren gave an invited talk at Northwestern University.

  1. Address: Room 2021, Martin Jischke Hall, 206 S. Martin Jichke Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47906

  2. Phone: (765)496-1872, Fax: (765)496-1459, Email: zmliu at purdue . edu

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