Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging

As part of the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, the Laboratory of Integrated Brain Imaging (LIBI) aims to accelerate basic and clinical neuroscience research by developing novel tools to integrate neural imaging, recording, stimulation, and modeling techniques.

  1. News

  2. Currently recruiting one graduate student and one postdoctoral fellow with background in small animal MRI or medical instrumentation and device fabrication.

  3. (04/10/17) Tom, Ranajay, Cherry received “Summa Cum Laude” and “Magna Cum Laude” awards at ISMRM.

  4. (04/07/17) Dr. Liu was recognized with the Team Award from the College of Engineering at Purdue.

  5. (03/25/17) Five abstracts accepted for one oral and four poster presentations at the OHBM meeting.

  6. (03/05/17) Junxing won the Merit Abstract Award from the Organization of Human Brain Mapping.

  7. (02/16/17) Kun-Han Lu, Ranajay Mandal, and Haiguang Wen received ISMRM educational stipend.

  8. (01/31/17) Five abstracts accepted for three oral and two poster presentations at the ISMRM meeting.

  9. (01/19/17) Lauren gave an invited talk at Northwestern University.

  10. (12/30/16) Steve Oleson joined the Lab as a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering.

  11. (11/10/16) Dr. Liu was recognized with a “Seed for Success Award” by Purdue University.

  12. (10/01/16) The Lab contributes to mapping brain-gut connectome for electroceuticals funded by NIH/SPARC.

  13. (09/30/16) Lauren’s paper, published on NeuroImage, showed feasibility of mapping white-matter functions.

  14. (08/23/16) Two new graduate students in ECE, Kuan and Nishant, joined the Lab.

  15. (08/16/16) Lauren won the Fearnot-Laufman-Greatbatch Prize.

  16. (08/12/16) Tom’s paper published on PLoS ONE on mapping reliable cortical activity during natural vision.

  17. (08/11/16) The Lab made progress in decoding brain activity during dynamic natural vision.

  18. (06/15/16) Lauren received the Hrvoj Travel Award.

  19. (06/13/16) The Lab contributes to a collaborative project recently funded by an R01 award from NIDCD.

  20. (06/03/16) Purdue News featured the Lab’s recent research finding.

  21. (05/20/16) Junxing received the Travel Award from the Organization of Human Brain Mapping.

  22. (05/15/16) Lauren received Indiana CTSI fellowship.

  23. (04/21/16) Haiguang published on the Journal of Neuroscience.

  24. (04/19/16) Lauren and Junxing received travel awards from Purdue Graduate Student Government.

  25. (04/15/16) Dr. Liu appointed as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

  26. (03/04/16) Haiguang won the Merit Abstract Award from the Organization of Human Brain Mapping.

  27. (02/01/16) The Lab’s research was highlighted in Discovery Magazine at Purdue University.

  1. Address: Room 2021, Martin Jischke Hall, 206 S. Martin Jichke Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47906

  2. Phone: (765)496-1872, Fax: (765)496-1459, Email: zmliu at purdue . edu

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