Out of date:


Cycle the lounge cash fund on a daily basis, asists with management of the Chapter's funds and account

  • Andre Chang

Chronicle and maintain the Chapter's activities and archives.

  • Kelsie Larson (chair)

Perform monthy audit

  • Archit Aggarwal
  • Ravi Gupta

Works on establishing criteria for the semesterly HKN awards

  • Christopher Wright
  • Subhav Ramachandran
  • I-Fan Lin
Community Service

Plan and Coordinate a minimum of eight community service activities.

  • Praharshith Gurajala
  • Andrew Kasha

Plan and Coordinate all social events, semester banquet, semester picnic.

  • Linzhe Li
  • Nicholas Pfister
ECE Outreach

Plan, Coordinate, and supports ECE outreach events

  • Craig Manarik
  • Richard Marcus
  • Tanmay Prakash
  • Keith Mckinzie
  • Constantine Roros
  • Aditya Mohan
ECE Service

Plan, Coordinate, and supports ECE service events

Electric Vehicle

Maintain and Race the Chapter's entry in the eVGrandprix.

  • Maher Guizani
  • Cindy Karina

Aquire and coordinate industry sponsorship

  • Aliasger Zaidy
Information Technology

Maintains physical information infrastructure, Chapter website infrastructure, standard operating procedure wiki, and lounge operating infrastructure.

  • Nadra Guizani
  • Sutton Hathorn
  • Shubham Agrawal
  • Zach Vander Missen

Obtain list eligible intiate candidates and coordinate the Chapter's intiation process.

  • Thomas Evans
  • Eric Colter
  • Jordan Huffaker
  • Ruiyang Lin

Maintain and coordinate the use of the Chapter's lab space.


Order, restock, and check inventory of the Chapter lounge

  • Sahil Sanghani

Maintain the physical infrastructure of the Chapter's lounge and sponsored lab space.


Publish a chapter newsletter every semester