Fall 2018 Officers

HKN President

President - Zach Vander Missen

As president, Zach supervises all affairs for the chapter and runs meetings. He is also responsible for representing the organization both within and outside of Purdue. Zach is a PhD student working in Fields & Optics.

Vice President - Sara Wendte

As VP, Sara oversees several committees and aids with running the organization. Sara is a masters student in CNSIP.

HKN Vice President

Treasurer - Alden Fisher

Alden manages all of the money for HKN and ensures that the various committees stay withing their budgets. He is a PhD student in Fields & Optics.

Recording Secretary - Nicky Marino

Nicky is a senior in computer engineering. He is responsible for keeping record of all occurrences during meetings, maintaining a list of active members, and maintaining HKN's historical documents.

Events Director

Events Director - Henry Wang

Henry works with the events committee to plan fun events throughout the semester and to plan the end of semester banquet. He is a senior in ECE.

Facilities Director - Alex Pieprzycki

Alex is responsible for maintaining the lounge, the lab, and the chapter website. He is a junior in computer engineering.

Facilities Director
Operations Director

Operations Director - Alex Moore

Alex manages the HKN Lounge, which includes restocking items, ordering drinks and coffee, and filling the POD schedule. She is a PhD student in Fields & Optics.

Public Relations Director - Adam Michals

Adam is responsiblefor running company tech talks, setting up Bagel NAND Donut days, and managing HKN's responsibilities with HKN Nationals. He is a junior in electrical engineering.

Public Relations Director
Recruitment Director

Recruitment Director - Steven Spencer

As Recruitment Director, Steven is responsible for finding the list of eligible candidates and inviting them to join HKN. Over the semester, he works with the potential new members to ensure that they fulfill all the requirements of membership.

Volunteer Director - Keith McKinzie

As the Volunteer Director, Keith coordinates all of the volunteering events for the chapter. He is a PhD student in Fields & Optics.

Volunteer Director