All students are welcome to join the team, from all majors and with any experience level.  We have technical projects ranging from embedded electronics to aerodynamics, including a variety of non-technical projects for our competition, such as a marketing presentation and cost analysis.

We recommend that any interested student come to a team meeting as soon as possible and introduce themselves to the team leadership.  If you have a desire to work in a specific area, be sure to mention that area.

Our team spends Thursday evenings (6-9pm), Friday evenings (6-9pm), and Saturdays (9am-6pm) working in computer labs, ME machine shop, and SAE shop.  Join the email list to stay updated with team events and organization.

Weekly Meetings: Thursdays 6:10 PM in KNOY B033 (Please disregard picture below)

SAE Shop: ME room G052 (in basement across from main entrance to old wing)

Senior Design

The senior design option allows ME students the opportunity to earn 6 credits over two semesters.  The student will take 3 credits in a technical elective in the fall semester and 3 credits of a senior design in the spring.  Thus, the student must graduate in the spring, and must be on campus in the fall as well.  In order to ensure a successful senior design experience, we ask that prospective senior design students be an active member of the FSAE team at least 1 semester prior to their senior year.  Certain exceptions can be made if the requests are made in a timely fashion.  Come to a team meeting as soon as possible.

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