2015 Purdue P15

Purdue Formula SAE is proud to announce the debut of its challenger for the 2015 FSAE season, the P15! The P15 is a custom 4 wheel, open cockpit completely student designed race car. It is powered by a Yamaha R6 engine that utilizes a custom dry sump system, as well as a custom intake and exhaust. This allowed for exact geometry and size to be manufactured of both the intake and exhaust. The engine produces around 70hp at the rear wheels with a very flat torque curve. Our car has an entire aero package that was derived from StarCCM using a full 3d car model and running simulations. The front wing is a foam-core constructed 3-element design. Where as the rear wing is a 2-element foam-core design. A diffuser was also designed and created to get the maximum amount of downforce while still complying with rules. Purdue is running the R25B Hoosier tires, with custom designed hubs and uprights. The uprights feature a floating brake design as well as center lug wheel nuts. Purdue designs and builds their own custom data logger, power distribution as well as dash. This all are interconnected via CANBUS.