Project Overview:

Twitch Plays ECE477 is a collaborative educational robotics project in which a pair of robots are given a control interface accessible over the internet. Masses of users are then capable of providing simultaneous control inputs to the robots and working together to play robot soccer, in a hardware adaptation of the Spring 2014 internet phenomenon Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Project Specific Success Criteria:

  1. PSSC #1: An ability to receive video from a camera via UART and transmit data via WiFi to a PC.
  2. PSSC #2: An ability for a robot to receive and decode commands from a webserver over WiFi.
  3. PSSC #3: An ability for the microcontroller to direct motor speed and direction based on a desired movement operation (forward, backwards, rotate, kick).
  4. PSSC #4: An ability for a webserver to receive commands from users on the internet, enqueue the commands, and send them to the robots at a human playable rate. (Low delay between commands, but enough time for human to respond).
  5. PSSC #5: An ability to track the game score via sensors on goals and display the score both on the field of play and on the video feeds. (Note: This will be done via a raspberry PI).