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CML Laboratory Resources:

The Composite Materials Laboratory has quite a bit of equipment to facilitate our research efforts. We have facilities for preparing materials and specimens, testing, and inspection. We also have extensive computer resources for analyzing data and preparing reports and presentations, but that is covered separately in the Computer Section of this website.

For details on particular equipment, please follow the links below. If you would like further information or need to report problems, please contact the person listed for that particular piece of equipment. If you have general CML resource questions, please contact the lab manager.

If you are affiliated with Purdue and would like to use some of our equipment we may be able to arrange such use. However, there are two basic considerations:

    • You must make arrangements through Prof. Sun before you begin any work.
    • Our work comes first. If the equipment is in high demand, you must work around our schedule.

Lab Manager

Bhawesh Kumar

Laboratory Chemical Safety Training

You should sign up to this if you use hazardous chemicals, voltages greater that 220 V, or compressed gasses. This two hour small group meeting is designed to familiarize lab staff at all levels with basic laboratory chemical safety issues and with the expectations of the University and regulatory agencies (mostly OSHA and EPA).

Material and Specimen Preparation

Testing Facilities

Inspection Facilities

Non-CML Facilities (available for CML use by prior arrangement)

AAE Mechanical Technician - - Contact: Dave Reagan

AAE Airport Machine Shop - Contact: Madeline Chadwell

AAE Fatigue and Fracture Laboratory - Contact: Professor Grandt

AAE Fretting Fatigue Laboratory - Contact: Professor Farris

Industrial Engineering

    • Large Capacity Machine Shop
    • EDM Machining
    • Mitutoyo 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Materials Engineering

    • Scanning Electron Microscope
    • X-Ray Diffraction




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