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The People of the CML


  • Professor C.T. Sun

Office: ARMS 3335 
Phone: 494-5130 (Office) 
Email: sun@purdue.edu
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Support Staff

  • Dave Reagan - AAE Mechanical Technician

Office: ARMS 3098A 
Phone: 494-5162 (Office) 
Email: reagan@ecn.purdue.edu


  • John Phillips - AAE Electrical Technician

Office: ARMS 2098A 
Phone: 494-5161 (Office) 
Email: phillije@purdue.edu

Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Researchers




  • Hsin-Haou Huang

Research in Progress - Acoustic metamaterials

Ph.D. Thesis- Dynamic characteristics of an acoustic metamaterial with locally resonant microstructures

Office: ARMS 3336
Phone: 494-6237 (Office) 
Email: hhhuang@purdue.edu
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Ph.D. Students




  • Bhawesh Kumar

Research in Progress - Micromechanics based fracture in constrained polymers and composites

Office: ARMS B142 
Phone: 494-3621 (Office) 
Email: kumar5@purdue.edu
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  • Bhisham Sharma

Research in Progress Experimental study of metamaterials

Office: ARMS B144 
Phone: 494-5985 (Office) 
Email: bsharma@purdue.edu
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  • Hee-Seok Roh

Research in Progress Repair of composites structures

Office: ARMS B144 
Phone: 494-5985 (Office) 
Email: hroh@purdue.edu
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  • James Manimala

(M.S. Thesis Defense: Nov'09, Continuing Ph.D.-Spring 2010) 

Research in Progress Development of a failure criterion for kevlar fabrics under transverse indentation

Office: ARMS B142 
Phone: 494-3621 (Office) 
Email: jmanimal@purdue.edu
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  • Josh Dustin

(M.S. Thesis Defense: Dec'09, Continuing Ph.D.-Spring 2010) 

Research in Progress Strength prediction of adhesively bonded joints using the CTOA fracture criterion

Office: ARMS B144 
Phone: 494-5985 (Office) 
Email: jdustin@purdue.edu
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  • Jung-San Chen

Research in Progress Dynamic behavior of a sandwich beam with internal resonators

Office: ARMS 3154 
Phone: 494-9164 (Office) 
Email: chen273@purdue.edu
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  • Marriner Merrill (Ph.D. Thesis defended)

Research in Progress - Development of a Self-Assembly Method for Manufacturing Nanocomposites with High Loadings of Nanoparticles.

Office: ARMS B107 
Phone: 494-5164 (Office) 
Email: marrinerm@purdue.edu
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  • Mohammad Uddin

Research in Progress Effect of dispersion on the properties of nanocomposites

Office: ARMS B142 
Phone: 494-3621 (Office) 
Email: muddin@purdue.edu
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  • Niat Rahman

Research in Progress Failure criteria to predict the strength of bonded joints

Office: ARMS B3154 
Phone: 494-9164 (Office) 
Email: nrahman@purdue.edu
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  • Shao-Huan Cheng

Research in Progress Development and application of a finite element-like molecular mechanics

Office: ARMS 2144 
Phone: 494-7958 (Office) 
Email: cheng16@purdue.edu
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  • Suvanit Chitsiriphanit

Research in Progress Molecular dynamics simulation to study the effect of K-dominance zone size

Office: ARMS B142 
Phone: 494-3621 (Office) 
Email: schitsir@purdue.edu
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Masters Students




  • Derrik Jensen

Research in Progress - Fatigue analysis of hybrid joints

Office: ARMS 3152
Phone: 496-2396 (Office) 
Email: djensen@purdue.edu
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  • Kota Mikoshiba

Research in Progress - Metamaterials

Office: ARMS B107
Phone: 494-5164 (Office) 
Email: kmikoshi@purdue.edu
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  • Yuta Morioka

Research in Progress - Study of interfacial crack in a bimaterial strip

Office: ARMS B144
Phone: 494-5985 (Office) 
Email: ymorioka@purdue.edu
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CML's Alumni (Last known information)



  • Arun Karthi Subramaniyan

Research - Nano-mechanics and Development of Molecular Simulation Methods

Employer: General Electric Global Research Center

Niskayuna, NY


  • Ashfaq Adnan

Research - Molecular simulations of deformation, failure and fracture of nanostructured materials

Postdoctoral Researcher, Northwestern University


  • Haiyang Qian

Research - A study of failure in bonded lap joint using fracture mechanics

Employer: Structural Integrity Associates

San Jose, CA


  • Zhaoxu Dong

Research - Mechanical behavior of silica nanoparticle-impregnated kevlar fabrics

Employer: Caterpillar

Peoria, IL


  • Rushabh Kothari

Research - Design and analysis of multifunctional structures for embedded electronics in unmanned aerial vehicles

Employer: Bombardier

Montreal, Canada




  • Daniel Nakaima

Research - Application of CTOA fracture criterion

Engineer, Eclipse Aviation , Albuquerque




  • Guoliang Huang

Research - Continuum Modeling of Heterogeneous Media with Microstructures and Nanostructures

Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Little Rock


  • Qida Bing

Research - Size effects in composite compression test.

Post doctoral researcher, Syracuse University.

  • Adam Deitemeyer

Research Finite Element Simulations of Ductile Fracture

Employer : Boeing


  • Jeongmin Cho

Research - Effect of Inclusion Size on Failure Mechanism and Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Composites Containing Micro and Nano Particles
M.S. 2000 - Modeling and lowering thermal residual stresses in bonded composite repairs of metallic aircraft structure.

Post doctoral researcher, Northwestern University.


  • Amitabh Deo

Research - Effect of shape and thickness of fibers on properties of short fiber composites.

Employer : Bank One



  • Manasi Joshi



  • Travis Tanner

Research - CTOA Fracture Criterion Applications.

Employer: Raytheon Company



  • Ajit Achuthan

Research - Domain Switching and Nonlinear Behavior of Piezoelectric Materials

Employer: GE Global Research Center
Work Address: K1-2A62D, 1 Research Circle, Niskayuna, NY-12309 Work
Phone: 518-387-7429 Work Fax:
Work Email: achuthan@research.ge.com

Home Address: 80 Hillcrest Village West A4, Niskayuna, NY-12309 Home


  • Iling Chang

Research - Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of PZT.
M.S. 1999 - Domain switching effect on fracture and fatigue behavior of piezoelectric materials.



  • Suresh Kumar Kalyanam

Research - Fracture of Piezoelectric Materials.

Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Bio Engineering, UIUC, Illinois.


  • Balaji Rangarajan

2003 Ceased Research in Progress - Mixed mode fracture in tubular structures.
M.S. 2001 - Characterization of crack growth in elastic-plastic materials

Deceased August 2003


  • Haitao Zhang

Research in Progress - Modeling of Nanomaterials

Employer: Boston Scientific
Work Address: One Scimed Place, Maple Grove, MN 55311-1566
Work Phone: 763-255-0136
Work Fax: 763-494-2554
Work Email: zhangh@bsci.com

Home Address: 4134 Lexington Ave N #2305, Shoreview, MN 55126
Home Phone: 651-330-4236


  • Jaeseong Park

Research in Progress - Effect of Contiguity on the Mechanical Behavior of Co-continous Ceramic Metal Composites



  • Umamaheswar V.R.S. "Mahesh" Turaga

Research in Progress - Design of an efficient Sandwich T-Joint.

Employer: ABAQUS, Inc.


  • Shigeki Aratama

M.S. 2002 - Strength of Notched Laminates with Softening Strips - Reduction of Stress Concentration around a Hole



  • Brandon Bodily

M.S. 2002 -



  • Douglas Scott Adams

Ph.D. 2001 - Effects of lateral confinement on the static and dynamic strength of brittle materials.
M.S. 1996 - Efficient finite element modeling of thin-walled structures with constrained viscoelastic layer damping.

Employer: NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab
Work Address: 4800 Oak Grove Drive, MS 157-408, Pasadena CA 91109
Work Phone: 818-393-6387
Work Fax: 818-393-1156
Work Email: douglas.s.adams@jpl.nasa.gov


  • Parul Agrawal

Ph.D. 2001 - Micromechanical and fracture characteristics of metal-ceramic composites.

Employer: IBM
Work Address: San Jose CA 95193
Work Phone: 408-256-5832
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: pagrawal@us.ibm.com

Home Address: 121 Saratoga Ave #4219, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Home Phone: 408-557-0640


  • Huiwen Hu

Ph.D. 2001 - 

Employer: Southern Taiwan University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Work Address: Taiwan

Home Address: 183 Changhsing St, Chang-Hua 500, Taiwan
Home Phone: 04-7226445
Home Email: huiwen_hu@hotmail.com
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Scott Maley

Ph.D. 2001 - Particulate enhanced damping of sandwich structures.
M.S. 1995 - Non-Thesis.

Employer: NAVAIR, Department of the Navy

Home Address: PO Box 277, California MD 20619-0277
Home Phone: 301-862-9174
Home Email: maleys@asme.org
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Jialin Tsai

Research - Dynamic Delamination Crack Propagation in Composite Materials
Ph.D. 2001 - Dynamic Microbuckling Model for Compressive Strength of Polymeric Composites.
M.S. 1998 - Dynamic delimination crack propagation in polymeric composites.



  • Zeping Wang

Ph.D. 2001 - Overall Description of Composite Materials under Dynamic Loading.



  • Qinggang Zeng

Ph.D. 2001 - A study on composite adhesive lap joint.

Employer: GE Research & Development Center
Work Address: Bldg. K1 Room 3C12B, One Research Circle, Niskayuna, NY 12309
Work Phone: 518-387-5107
Work Fax: 518-387-7135
Work Email: zeng@crd.ge.com

Home Address: 31 Knights Bridge Apt# B, Guilderland, NY 12084
Home Phone: 518-869-7621
Home Email: Not listed...
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Chenghua Han

Ph.D. 2000 - Dynamic response and failure in layered structures and composites.


  • Soonwook Kwon

Ph.D. 2000 - Characteristics of three-dimensional stress fields of cracked plates under general loadings.

Employer: University of Maryland


  • Zhengwen Yang

Ph.D. 2000 - Fracture mode separation for delamination and interlaminar fracture for composites.

Employer: Delphi Automotive Systems
Work Address: Not listed...
Work Phone: 937-356-2653
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: zane.z.yang@delphiauto.com

Home Address: Not Listed...
Home Phone: 937-898-1187
Home Email: zane_yang2000@yahoo.com
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Matthew H. Beaumont

Ph.D. 1999 - Characterization of Indalloy 227 non lead solder.



  • Chunsu Li

M.S. 1999 - Analysis of cracks in thin layers.

Employer: Purdue University, Dept of Statistics
Work Address: Not listed...
Work Phone: 765-494-0022
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: chunsu@purdue.edu


  • Ryiochi Sergio Hasebe

M.S. 1998 - Performance of sandwich structures with composite reinforced core.- 

Employer: Aeroflex Altair CyberNetics.
Work Address: 4201 Northview Dr., Bowie MD 20716.
Work Phone: 800-725-8247
Work Fax: 301-805-8122
Work Email: Not listed...

Home Address: PO Box 91, Glenn Dale MD 20769
Home Phone: 301-586-0285
Home Email: achasebe@yahoo.com
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Yuan Hua

M.S. 1998 - Effective crack growth model and pseudo three dimensional analysis of composite laminates.

Home Phone: 734-254-0027
Home Email: yhua_1818@hotmail.com


  • Longzhi Jiang

Ph.D. 1998 - Fracture and fatigue behavior of piezoelectric materials.

Employer: GE Medical Systems

Work Email: longzhi@draft13.med.ge.com



  • Lal Ninan

M.S. 1998 - High strain rate characterization of off-axis composites using split hopkinson pressure bar.

Employer: Purdue University, Agricultural Engineering
Work Address: Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 47907
Work Phone: 765-496-3837
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: ninan@ecn.purdue.edu

Home Address: 101 Russell St #32, West Lafayette, IN 47906.


  • Blayne Roeder

M.S. 1998 - Impact of thermally confined alumina/aluminum laminates : experiments and modeling.

Employer: Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering
Work Address: West Lafayette IN 47907
Work Phone: 765-494-8610
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: blayne@ecn.purdue.edu

Home Address: 1520 Central St, Lafayette IN 47905
Home Phone: 765-742-9758
Home Email: Not listed...
Personal webpage: http://widget.ecn.purdue.edu/~blayne/


  • Cheng Guo

Ph.D. 1997 - Dynamic delamination of composites.

Employer: Not listed...
Work Address: Not listed...
Work Phone: Not listed...
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: Not listed...

Home Address: Not listed...
Home Phone: Not listed...
Home Email: Not listed...
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • John Klug

Ph.D. 1997 - Fracture and fatigue of bonded composite repairs.
M.S. 1994 - Efficient modeling of postbuckling delamination growth in composite laminates using plate elements.


  • Wenqi Qian

Ph.D. 1997 - Interfacial cracks in isotropic and anisotropic media with friction.

Employer: Performance Friction Corp.
Work Address: Clover SC 29710-0819
Work Phone: 803-222-2141 x8121
Work Fax: 803-222-2144
Work Email: Not listed...

Home Address: 13009 York Ridge Dr Apt 215, Charlotte NC 28273
Home Phone: 704-588-7682
Home Email: qianwayne@hotmail.com
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Srikanth Thiruppukuzhi

Ph.D. 1997 - High strain rate characterization and modeling of polymer composites.



  • Rajesh Suresh Vaidya

Ph.D. 1997 - Failure criterion for notched fiber dominated composite laminates.

Employer: National Instruments
Work Address: 6504 Bridge Point Pkwy, Austin TX 78730
Work Phone: 512-794-5553
Work Fax: 512-794-5678
Work Email: rajesh.vaidya@natinst.com

Home Address: 6263 McNeil Dr Apt 724, Austin TX 78729
Home Phone: 512-335-3228
Home Email: Not listed...
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Changming Zhu

Ph.D. 1997 - Constitutive modeling of polymeric composites under various loading conditions.

Employer: GE Aircraft Engines
Work Address: Not Listed...
Work Phone: 513-243-4736
Work Fax: Not Listed...
Work Email: Not Listed...

Home Address: 22 Brittany Lane, Fairfield, OH 45014
Home Phone: 513-942-2855
Home Email: changming_zhu@yahoo.com
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Hong-On Kim

Ph.D. 1996 - Elastic-plastic fracture analysis for small scale yielding.

Employer: Korean Air Force
Work Address: 86-22 Kupabal-Dong, Soedaemun-ku, Seoul, KOREA
Work Phone: Not listed...
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: kho10@hitel.kol.co.kr



  • Robert W. McCoy

Ph.D. 1996 - Dynamic analysis of a thick-section composite cylinder subjected to underwater blast loading. 

Employer: Ford Motor Company
Work Address: Not listed...
Work Phone: 313-337-5505
Work Fax: Not listed...
Work Email: rmccoy2@ford.com

Home Address: 2154 South State St, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Home Phone: 313-327-9109
Home Email: Not listed...
Personal webpage: Not listed...


  • Shyam V. Potti

Ph.D. 1996 - High velocity impact and penetration of thick composite laminates.

Employer: General Motors, DELCO Electric
Work Address: Kokomo IN
Work Phone: 317-451-3245
Work Fax: 317-451-3299
Work Email: