Recent News

July 2014 -- CAPLab research featured in Hearing Health Foundation's spotlight on CAPD

May 2014 -- Aravind's first author paper "Age-Related Changes in the Relationship Between Auditory Brainstem Responses and Envelope-Following Responses" published in JARO

May 2014 -- Chris Soverns joins the lab

February 2014 -- The lab travels to the ARO midwinter meeting in San Diego, CA; Brandon, Emily and Jesyin present posters, Aravind gives a podium presentation

November 2013 -- Yamini's first author paper, "Postnatal development of auditory central evoked responses and thalamic cellular properties" published in Developmental Neurobiology

October 2013 -- The lab travels to the IU Aging and speech communication conference in Bloomington, IN; Brandon and Emily present posters, Aravind gives a podium presentation

September 2013 -- Aravind and Brandon receive travel awards to go to the IU conference on Aging and Speech Communication in October

August 2013 -- Emily Han joins the lab

July 2013 -- Dr. Bartlett's article on the thalamus published

June 2013 -- Yamini Venkataraman successfully defends her PhD!

May 2013 -- The lab visits Dr. Llano's lab at UIUC for the iHEAR seminar series

March 2013 -- Yamini's first author paper "Post-Natal Development of Synaptic Properties of the GABAergic Projection from Inferior Colliculus to Auditory Thalamus" accepted for publication

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