Recent News

September 2013 -- Aravind and Brandon receive travel awards to go to the IU conference on Aging and Speech Communication in October

August 2013 -- Emily Han joins the lab

July 2013 -- Dr. Bartlett's article on the thalamus published

June 2013 -- Yamini Venkataraman successfully defends her PhD!

May 2013 -- The lab visits Dr. Llano's lab at UIUC for the iHEAR seminar series

March 2013 -- Yamini's first author paper "Post-Natal Development of Synaptic Properties of the GABAergic Projection from Inferior Colliculus to Auditory Thalamus" accepted for publication

February 2013 -- Dr. Bartlett gives invited lecture "Computational, Physiological and Anatomical Findings That Distinguish MGBm Processing " at ARO 2013, Baltimore

February 2013 -- Aravind presents a poster "Age-related changes in the neural population representation of amplitude modulation in the presence of overlapping maskers" at ARO 2013, Baltimore

January 2013 -- Brandon Coventry joins the lab

December 2012 -- Aravind Parthasarathy successfully defends his PhD!

November 2012 -- Cal Rabang successfully defends his PhD!

October 2012 -- Cal and Aravind's first-author paper "A computational model of inferior colliculus responses to amplitude modulated sounds in young and aged rats" accepted for publication

October 2012 -- Dr. Stephanie Gardner presents a poster "Characterization of VGlut2-positive axon terminals in the rat medial geniculate body" at SfN 2012, New Orleans

October 2012 -- Aravind presents a poster "Age-related changes in auditory processing of speech-like stimuli assessed at population and cellular levels" at SfN 2012, New Orleans

August 2012 -- Jesyin Lai joins the lab

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