PhD Alumni

Myung-Jin Chung
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,
373-1 Kusong-dong, Yusong-gu, Taejon, 305-701, Korea.
Ph.D. Thesis: Adaptive Control Strategies for Computer-Controlled Manipulators, August 1983

Beom Hee Lee 
Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University,
San 56-1, Shinrim-Dong, Kwanak-ku, Seoul 151-742, Korea
Ph.D. Thesis: An Approach to Motion Planning and Motion Control for Two Cooperative Robots in a Common Workspace, December 1985

C. L. Philip Chen
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University,
Dayton, Ohio 45435
Ph.D. Thesis: Efficient Mapping Algorithms for Scheduling Autonomous Vehicles and Robotic Computations, December 1988

P. R. Chang 
Late Professor, Department of Telecommunications, National Chiao-Tung University,
Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ph.D. Thesis: Parallel Algorithms and VLSI Architectures for Robotics and Assembly Scheduling, December 1988

Edwin Hou 
Associate Professor and Associate Director CoE, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102
Ph.D. Thesis: Goal-Directed Motion Planning and Control for Assembly Tasks, May 1989.

John Feddema
Principle Member of Technical Staff, Intelligent Systems Sensors & Controls Department,
Sandia National Laboratories, P.O. Box 5800, MS 1003, Albuquerque, NM 87185
Ph.D. Thesis: Real-time Visual Feedback Control for Hand-Eye Coordinated Robotic Systems, August 1989.

Jae Wook Jeon
Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Sung Kyun Kwan University,
300, Chunchun-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Kyunggi-do, 440-746, Korea
Ph.D. Thesis: A Generalized Approach for the Control of Constrained Robot Systems, May 1990.

Cheng-Tseng Lee
Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Homdel, NJ
Ph.D. Thesis: Critical Configuration Path Planning and Knowledge-Based Task Planning for Robot Systems, December 1990.

Y. C. Tang 
Member of Technical Staff, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Homdel, NJ
Ph.D. Thesis: Integrated Sensors in Robotic Assembly Tasks, December 1990.

Y. F. Huang 
Ph.D. Thesis: A Knowledge-Based Approach to Automatic Generation of Assembly Plans, May 1991.

Shun-Feng Su
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ph.D. Thesis: Uncertainty Management and Generation of Geometric Constraints in Automated Assembly Systems, December 1991.

David Kozel
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University at Calumet, Calumet, IN
Ph.D. Thesis: Modelling Flexible Link Manipulators in the Three-Dimensional Space, December 1991.

Chin-Teng Lin 
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Chiao-Tung University,
Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ph.D. Thesis: Structure and Learning Algorithms for Fuzzy Neural Networks, May 1992.

Wynne Hsu 
Lecturer, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Singapore National University, Singapore
Ph.D. Thesis: An Integrated Feedback for Assembly Auto-Redesign System, May 1994.

Yuan-Bin Tsai 
Member of Technical Staff Computer and Communication Research Lab Industrial Technology Research Institute E000, Bldg.11, 195 Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd. Chutung, Hsinchu, 31015 Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ph.D. Thesis: Parallel Processing with Macro-Pipeline Model, June 1994.

Qinan Mao 
Ph.D. Thesis: Fuzzy Image Correlator with Existence Measure for Fuzzified Images, August 1994.

Sangwook Park 
Senior Engineer, Manufacturing Development Team, Samsung SDS,
20th Floor World Tower, 7-25, Shinchun-Dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Ph.D. Thesis: Uncertainty Management for Multisensor Robotic Tracking Systems, May 1995.

Tangkai Yin 
R/D Senior Engineer, Tamarack Technologies, Inc., 2F, 23 R&D Road 1, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ph.D. Thesis: Fuzzy Modelling and Control: A Characteristic-Point Approach, August 1996.

Gyoung Hwan Kim 
Ph.D. Thesis: Genetic Reinforcement Learning Approach to the Heterogeneous Machine Scheduling Problem, August 1997.

Jeen-Shing Wang 
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University
Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Ph.D. Thesis:On the Structure and Learning of Self-Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems, December 2001.

Nirut Naksuk
PhD 2006
PhD Thesis : Whole -body human -to -humanoid motion transfer with balance manipulability ellipsoid

Her-Jye Chang
PhD 2007
PhD Thesis : Simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms with environmental-structure prediction for single- and multi-robot systems

Hsien-I Lin
PhD 2009
PhD Thesis : On robot skill learning: Self-organizing capability and understanding robot motor capability

Shengwei Yu
PhD 2013
PhD Thesis : Energy optimization in mobile sensor networks
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Rami Alazrai
PhD 2013
PhD Thesis : On human emotion and activity analysis
Next Job : Faculty, German-Jordanian University, Jordan

Roy Chan
PhD 2016
PhD Thesis : On the 3D point cloud for human-pose estimation
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Andy Park
PhD 2016
PhD Thesis : Representation and control of coordinated-motion tasks for human-robot systems
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Yan Gu
PhD 2017
PhD Thesis: Time-dependent nonlinear control of bipedal robotic walking
Next Job : Faculty, University of Massachusetts, Lowell